World-famous street painters visualise watercourse in 3D

During the transformation of a district in Wijk bij Duurstede, a medium-sized town in the Netherlands, a street was transformed into a watercourse. Water attracts people and enhances spatial quality in the district and its surrounding area. Recently, three world-famous street painters set to work to give local residents an idea of what the watercourse will look like. A Tauw idea.

Street painters

Local residents and other interested parties watched as the street artists depicted the watercourse in 3D, with banks and adjacent pavements, and including some surprising elements. The three street painters are affiliated with Planet Streetpainting, a global network of street artists. The result was a colourful three-dimensional representation, rendered as accurately as possible, which attracted a great deal of attention. The zone with the watercourse will act as an important pedestrian route through the district and provide a meeting place for young and old.

Design of the watercourse

In a nearby information centre, residents could express their wishes and suggestions, so that these can be taken into account in the design of the watercourse. Tauw was present, together with the local authority, to answer questions. A number of elements had already been determined, such as a pavement on both sides of the watercourse. ‘Residents already pictured themselves sitting by the waterside in summer or putting on ice-skates in winter’, says Eveline de Kock, landscape architect at Tauw. ‘But we also listened to concerns about safety and a shortage of parking.’

For this project, Tauw is responsible for executing the entire design process in accordance with Prince2, from sketch and definition phase (including substantive studies) to the final design and specifications. Other aspects in the area of safety and health are also taken into account.

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