Data-driven working

Not just businesses, but also government institutions are changing to a more data-driven approach in their work. Data is the foundation to provide a business with control. Government policies are also increasingly based on data. The goal is to gain rapid insight into environmental (or social) challenges (such as drought, energy consumption, compliance or available space in the subsoil) or be able to respond quickly when problems are identified. TAUW consultants create structure and clarity in all data and ensure that organisations can extract the desired value from it.

Businesses and government institutions have a long list of desires in terms of digitisation. We help them with these. Frequently occurring questions are:

  • What are the possibilities with our (open and protected) data?
  • How can we exchange data with our partners without losing the value of the information?
  • How can we get our data in order? How can we optimise our work processes and further digitalise them?
  • How can we benefit from artificial intelligence and data science?
  • How can I cleverly combine my own data with open data?
  • What legislation applies and how can we use data to safely comply with it?
  • How can I best use my data?


Data Consultancy

TAUW data consultants advise organisations to get to the most optimal and useful solution for data-driven working. We can provide substantial advice if we take on the role of process consultant. Additionally, we develop and supply products that tie in with the clients’ demands.

During the definition and answering of data-specific questions, we employ our expert project and process approach, along with our years of experience in the field of data, data collection, data enrichment, data science and data visualisation. Through inspiration sessions, exploration sessions, design sprints and tailored consultancy, we aim for the best results.

Our team consists of passionate specialists who use their years of experience and knowledge in prominent (data) projects. With our unique view, we ensure the most optimal and particularly the most practical and independent solution. That way, you have all the information required readily available for decision-making, control or monitoring of a vital living or working environment.


Examples of data products and services

A selection of our data-driven solutions:

  • Control of the subsoil through our 3D Conceptual Site Model (3D CSM) for government, industry, contractors and project developers;
  • Impact analysis and public support for the spatial integration of solar and wind energy for municipalities;
  • Design of climate-adaptive school yards for municipalities and project developers;
  • Insight into all locations of heat sources within a municipality or management area with the ambient heat map.


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Do you have a question about data products and services?

Please contact one of our experts