Continuous developments in the living environment and at industrial sites lead to exposure of employees or contractors to soil. Regardless of whether your project involves large-scale new construction or perhaps minor maintenance in the sewage system, having access to information about the situation below the surface that is as up-to-date as possible is always important. Tauw has developed the TEGSIS Soil Viewer to meet this need. The Soil Viewer application can be tailored to your requirements and quickly gives you information about groundwater quality, or the quality of the (aqueous) soil.

Information about the soil and construction works

We call our platform TEGSIS, which stands for Tauw Enterprise Geographic Site Information System. The TEGSIS Soil Viewer gives you immediate information about general soil quality. You can see which areas require attention and the associated soil surveys and data in just a few clicks. The completed and planned soil activities can be easily and specifically monitored online. In addition, our structured data approach simplifies management and maintenance of your site(s)/area. We collect and import the data required and advise you where necessary.

With the Soil Viewer, you can:

  • Quickly look for, select and analyse sampling points;
  • Create theme-based maps;
  • Present monitoring well graphs;
  • View the cross-sectional profiles of boreholes;
  • Download selected data.

A simple interface for users

The soil viewer’s interface is easy to use and available in several languages. You can use the system at both local and corporate level to gain an understanding of the soil situation.

The start screen allows you to create an overview map (assessed and approved by BoToVa) based on a simple selection in order to view the data in more detail. For example, data relating to a single sampling point, or data relating to several measurement points. This allows you to browse the location-related information for data that requires your attention. In addition, the Soil Viewer provides functions for generating graphs, reports and maps that can support you when making decisions.

Source summary

Soil information at a location is often based on data that was previously stored in filing cabinets or in other digital programs. So Soil Viewer includes a summary chart identifying the reports from which the data originates. If the reports are available digitally, they can also be viewed as a PDF document in the browser.

Tauw's specialised data managers

Tauw's team of specialised data managers is at your disposal. They process data in the Soil Viewer and interpret this data in additional GIS maps and other applications that give you an even better picture of the situation based on the available data. We have many years of experience in processing data in a wide variety of formats.

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