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Our Story 

It may not come as a surprise that water and soil, as sources of life, are at the root of our company. Tauw was established due to the increasing need for independent and technical advice on water management issues. Our name is, in fact, an acronym of Technisch Adviesbureau van de Unie van Waterschapsbonden, which translates as:  Technical Consultancy of the Union of Water Boards...

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Our organisation

In 2017, Tauw opted for a unique form of employee participation: participatory leadership. All Tauw employees with a permanent contract have been given certificates and at least 50% of them have independently purchased additional share certificates.

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How we work

The TAUW DNA consists of Safety, Digitisation and Sustainability. This is why we always tend to implement these values into our projects, but also in partnerships.

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Our Social Responsibility

Our mission is our promise: we create impactful solutions ensuring a vital living environment. We do this in our daily work, by creating sustainable solutions, but we are also aware of our social responsibilities as a company. That’s why we support initiatives that contribute to the sustainable environment we strive for.

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Our values

The earth is a precious source of life that we should take care of. Leaving a healthy world for future generations requires knowledge, creative solutions, passion and cooperation.

Our work, therefore, is based on three core values: Care, Connect and Improve. These core values are reflected in everything we do and who we are.


with passionate and competent employees, working in an open, diverse and participatory culture, we care for our clients, colleagues, society and the environment.


we firmly believe in the power of teamwork. We involve all stakeholders to realise a sustainable world for future generations.


we empower our colleagues and support our clients and partners to improve the quality of their services. We expand and share our knowledge and innovate to make sustainability tangible and feasible.


Our living ambition report

We proudly present our living ambition report which provides a thorough overview of our work, our people, our partnerships and our sustainability performance in 2020. With our dedicated and competent people we shape a vital living environment by providing impactful solutions and combining strong expertise with valuable partnerships. For now and in the future.

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