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TAUW bundles its specialist knowledge into integrated advice with which organizations can make sustainable use of opportunities and at the same time meet their legal and social obligations. Read more about this in our infographic. 

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Which requirements must we meet? How do we know if we still comply with the environmental, health and safety regulations? Which directives and legal developments need to be considered? Are there any potential environmental risks to our company? How can we optimize our company processes regarding quality, health, safety and the environment?

All our customers have to deal with these questions. That is why these important points for attention are fully interwoven in our compliancy services. Our experts have many years of experience and advise organisations comprehensively on topics such as occupational health and safety, legal developments, quality issues and environmental safety. We help you comply with current laws and regulations and ensure operational safety.

Tailored compliance management

We offer support in compliance management by way of a proven roadmap. This includes a tour at your organisation’s location(s) during which we establish the applicable laws and regulations. We then record the outcome in a company-specific registry, based on which a compliance tool is implemented. In this way, your organisation is continually informed about relevant laws and regulations and the extent to which the business complies with them. We also make recommendations on measures aiming to increase your level of compliance.

Phases of compliance management:

  • Assessment and control
    This phase provides insight into and management of location-specific HSE laws and regulations, in accordance with our ASPI methodology.
  • Compliance Tool (optional)
    Our tool provides control over and ensures compliance with (statutory) requirements and compliance-related issues.
  • Compliance audit (optional)
    Your compliance status is determined based on HSE laws and regulations and current company operations.

The environment and occupational health and safety

Especially in environmental protection and occupational health and safety, companies are, regardless of their size and industry, exposed to a variety of laws and regulations. Consider, for example, the monitoring and implementation of healthy working conditions, but also safety in spatial planning (rail safety, tunnel safety, flood risks) and safety research on keeping installations in operation. Relying on our cross-industry experience, we are your expert advisor in the field environmental protection.

The same goes for occupational health and safety. We believe the long-term success of a company depends to a significant degree on its employees. Foresighted entrepreneurs therefore take preventative measures to ensure a healthy and safe working environment with occupational health and safety measures.

Certified and sound methods
Our advice, and technical knowledge, is tailored to certified methods such as ISO and VCA. This guarantees that our customers not only comply with legislation and regulations but are also protected against risks. Timely anticipation on changes in legislation and regulations avoids non-compliance situations and unnecessary risks and costs.

Your future-proof compliancy experts

Thanks to our expertise in many different areas, we can offer sustainable solutions, also in the field of QEHS compliance.

We have a long-term vision that enables our customers to anticipate (changes in) laws and regulations in a timely manner. Our approach is practical and innovative.

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