To close industrial sites in a cost-efficient manner, and leave the land that is left behind of value to new users, you need a specific plan. This plan needs to comply with permit requirements for demolition and remediation activities, applicable environmental legislation, dismantling procedures for equipment, and other current legislation. 

TAUW will work with your organisation to create an approach that makes this possible. At the same time, we will develop a safe and sustainable methodology that helps to limit and re-use waste, while also setting up advanced safety procedures. This allows us to maximise the value that we create for our clients.  


We will use the required plans and permits to translate your preferences into a specific design for your demolition and remediation activities. This will involve jointly determining the technical implementation, offering you an insight into the costs, and involving any executive partners. TAUW can also offer you process-related support, by using your ambitions and underlying principles to take care of the process for tendering assignments and awarding contracts. The final aim is to create a transparent and flexible organisation, with direct communication, so that we can work efficiently and quickly respond to the latest developments and requirements. 


Effective preparation are reflected in cost-efficient results. TAUW can assist you in this phase with certain (specialised) activities, such as those relating to soil infrastructure, asbestos remediation or soil pollution. Our project managers will offer the best possible support by setting up clear work processes, monitoring costs and schedules, showing effective communication with stakeholders, and acting with authority. This allows us to encourage cooperation between the client, executive parties and the surroundings so we can complete the project in a responsible and sustainable manner. 

A selection of our services for terminating or demolishing industrial sites:  

  • Support during spatial development 
  • Asbestos inventory 
  • Assistance during asbestos removal and demolition activities 
  • Implementation of soil remediation, also as a contractor 
  • Preparation of sites for the next user or redevelopment of sites  
  • Risk and contract management 
  • Project management 
  • Compliance management  


The added value of TAUW 

TAUW is able to combine knowledge about permits (see our capability statement), compliance and current legislation with in-depth knowledge about soil, the environment and safety. A team of experts will stand by your side, sharing strategic ideas and easing your burden in all phases of the project. Working with TAUW will allow you to meet the following strategic goals for your industrial site:  

  • safeguard the environment, now and in the future; 
  • use water and raw materials in a responsible way; 
  • realise a future-proof and climate-friendly building and business site; 
  • treat surroundings with respect. 


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