To future-proof site development, actions need to be compatible with zoning plans and meet permit-related requirements. We perform all necessary (environmental) studies and use state-of-the-art data-based models to identify opportunities and risks for your site. All this knowledge is incorporated into one integrated, sustainable and cost-effective development plan. We help you apply for the required permits and advise you on how to reduce development costs. 


If your project has acquired the required permits, we will - possibly together with other partners - translate the development plan into a tailor-made design. This will involve visualising your project, advising you on technical choices, and ensuring an effective Health and Safety Plan (H&S). We will also optimise the process by setting up transparent and flexible strategic contracts with qualified executive partners. This allows us to create a partnership with direct communication, where changes can be implemented quickly and costs are as predictable as possible. 


To realise a successful project means performing activities in a cost-efficient manner. TAUW’s project managers ensure effective project support and closely monitor all activities carried out by the contractor. This means establishing a clear work process, with clear communication structures and a well-coordinated and effectively monitored schedule. We will also support and advise your organisation when it comes to, for example, communicating with stakeholders. 

A selection of our services for starting industrial sites: 

  • Site selection (bearing in mind restrictions concerning the environment, nitrogen, etc.) 
  • Determining emission points for research and monitoring 
  • Studies on air pollution, soil and water  
  • Compiling environmental impact reports (EIR) 
  • Area management (including permit scans, cables and pipes) 
  • Applying for (environment) permits (including accompanying studies) 
  • Civil engineering (geo-technology, design and planning of under- and above-ground structures) 
  • Implementation of soil remediation, also as a contractor 
  • Preparation for selecting contractors 
  • Risk and contract management 
  • Project management 
  • Compliance management 
  • Data-based solutions  

The added value of TAUW 

TAUW is able to combine expertise about permits (see our capability statement), compliance and current legislation with in-depth knowledge about soil, the environment and safety. A team of experts will stand by your side, sharing strategic ideas and easing your burden in all phases of the project. Working with TAUW will allow you to meet the following strategic goals for your industrial site:  

  • safeguard the environment, now and in the future; 
  • use water and raw materials in a responsible way; 
  • realise a future-proof and climate-friendly building and business site; 
  • treat surroundings with respect. 


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The next phases in site (re)development

Optimising an industrial site

A future-proof enterprise is only possible if you continuously optimise your industrial site and/or processes. By investing in innovative technology, sustainable processes and fruitful partnerships, you can avoid risks and safeguard your mission in a market that changes every day. TAUW will give you the required support. We assist organisations during the whole optimisation process, from identifying opportunities to designing and realising your projects.     

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Closing an industrial site (dismantling)

When terminating industrial activities or industrial sites, an expert approach is needed. This approach must ensure (environmentally) responsible, cost-efficient and sustainable decommissioning, taking into account applicable laws and regulations. The aim is to minimise remaining obligations and to maximise the value of the site. TAUW can help you to shape this process by offering you specific and process-related assistance. 

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Project references site (re)development

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