Transforming sustainability ambitions into success

In the evolving landscape of modern business, sustainability has surged from a distant goal to a pivotal driver of enduring success. The European Union’s commitment to the Green Deal ambitions is embodied in a new Sustainable Finance Framework with the SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation), CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and EU Taxonomy as foundational pillars. Navigating this profound shift requires an expert partner.


Practical strategies for achieving sustainability goals

Our seasoned experts possess the technical acumen to translate your sustainability ambitions into practical strategies. Whether unravelling the complexities of SFDR, CSRD, or adeptly navigating the EU Taxonomy, we illuminate the pathway from intricacy to confidence. Sustainability then becomes a tangible blueprint for success. In this collaborative journey, we empower you to translate ambition into action, and vision into measurable progress. Join us in sculpting a future where your investments align not just with regulations but with your vision of enduring growth.


The strategic imperative of sustainability

As the global pursuit of sustainability reshapes legislation and fuels technical advancements, investors face an increasingly intricate landscape. The task of assessing risks, ensuring compliance, and shaping a responsive strategy is no longer a mere challenge - it's a strategic imperative. Amidst the complexities of climate adaptation, circularity, and biodiversity, the role of engineering consultants becomes pivotal. That is where TAUW’s Transactions and Responsible Investment Services (TRIS) team step in as your guiding compass. We offer more than just guidance; we provide transformational clarity.

Harnessing the power of sustainability for enduring growth

When looking to invest in an asset or preparing for a merger, acquisition or sale, it no longer suffices to only consider traditional environmental risks. Sustainability risks and opportunities related to climate mitigation, climate adaptation, biodiversity and circularity present increasingly present risks and opportunities that need to be considered. Understanding the true impact of these sustainability challenges on your specific business, knowing which actions and which investments you need to make and when, while maintaining your financial and operational strength is key.

We assist you in conducting due diligence assessments, eligibility and alignment checks with the EU Taxonomy, operationalizing your decarbonization strategy and in fulfilling SFDR and CSRD obligations.
Let us guide you in harnessing the power of sustainability as a transformative force for your investments, driving enduring growth in a rapidly evolving landscape.




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