Sustainable solutions for site development

Working towards a complex site development project with environmental challenges? In need of smart solutions for ecological issues during a construction project? We are your answer. Sustainability and innovation are the driving forces behind the start-up, redevelopment and closure of industrial and business sites. We ensure that you comply with all applicable rules and regulations and that you can run your business in a socially responsible way. Our expertise in area and site development is based on decades of experience. We are a leading European consultancy in this field, always offering sustainable solutions.

Site redevelopment is often a complex process. It covers a very broad range of aspects that cannot be summed up in a single service or term. Projects may involve questions regarding asset management, design and construction, dismantling and demolition, project management, risk assessments, permits, ecological issues and much more. That is why location development as we see it is the umbrella under which numerous expert fields are offered in full. Our specialty? Offering a multidisciplinary approach whilst taking on projects that pose complex environmental challenges. It is after all our mission to contribute to a sustainable environment.

A solid base for new developments

Anyone who plans to (re)use commercial space, is faced with a mountain of questions: what legacy lies hidden in buildings or in soil? Should we expect any unpleasant surprises as an investor? Assessing the issues in advance is a challenge that requires experience and a targeted approach. As experienced specialists, we accompany you in this process: from the first risk assessment, to deconstruction, to preparation of the construction site. We take over the complete planning and coordinate all the processes.

This may involve:

  • location selection (for industrial developments)
  • a wide range of permit applications (including necessary investigations)
  • hazard and (environmental) impact studies
  • process safety reviews
  • consulting authorities on your behalf
  • civil engineering
  • soil and groundwater investigations
  • designing and monitoring soil and groundwater remediation
  • preparing the selection of contractors
  • regulatory studies and evaluation of health risks
  • waste audits prior to demolition works
  • asbestos studies (inventories and reviews)
  • supervision of soil and groundwater remediation
  • supervision of asbestos removal and demolition works
  • ecological studies
  • resolving planning and zoning issues


Full-service development with a sustainable touch

Our focus is always on sustainable solutions. That is why, for example, we take sustainable decisions when choosing the right location for site developing. While it is still in its early stages, we are also committed to the concept to Land stewardship: a key approach to the transition towards a Circular Economy. Tauw is an active partner in NICOLE (Network for Industrially Co-ordinated sustainable Land management in Europe).

Your future-proof consultants for site development 

Questions about site development do not stand alone and touch upon themes such as soil, water, air, ecology, civil and installation technology, safety and legislation. Tauw can rely on in-house knowledge in all these areas of expertise. That’s why we offer tailored and integrated solutions, and a single point of contact for clear communication.  Ultimately, our aim is to unburden our customers. We can quickly switch between disciplines to make your development possible. Naturally, we keep to a tight schedule and stay within.



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