Infrastructural projects often have a multidisciplinary character and increasingly complex requirements. After all, this field of engineering planning shapes and changes our environment the most. Such demanding projects appeal to us. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience in house to successfully manage and handle your project demands.

Location development for a secure future

Relying on a wide range of planning and consulting services regarding infrastructure, we support our customers in location development. For example, we come up with forward-looking concepts for the construction and maintenance of traffic systems or supply and disposal networks. Thereby, we focus on developing long-term usable, sustainable and safe solutions.

Environmental management

Good environmental management is an important success factor for Tauw. In the analysis of successful soil, road, hydraulic and other projects, three issues stand out: social benefit, necessity and the environment. This is reflected in services such as: dismantling and renovation concepts, sustainable roads, property-related wastewater disposal concepts and more.  We offer comprehensive services for the dismantling and renovation of your location and the existing infrastructure, thereby including modern refurbishment methods. When it comes to sustainable roads, we, for example, consider the reuse of asphalt and apply heat and cold storage.

In infrastructural projects, we often aim to integrate land use improvement and water systems. This requires specialised provisions of a highly constructional nature. Tauw has long-standing extensive expertise in designing and constructing measures to integrate land and water. We design and construct bridges, dykes, watercourses, water control structures, guard locks, and pumping stations.

Innovative tools for infrastructure: augmented reality and GIM

We use Geographic Information Modelling (GIM) to literally map the impact a project has on the environment? The goal of GIM is to provide geographical area information and visualize project progress, research results, planning, risk management and much more.

The possibilities of virtual and augmented reality are endless, also in infrastructure projects. It can be used to give stakeholders a good understanding of a design, or used to generate new ideas and insights at an early stage. VR an AR are also very useful tools for safe working and reduction of potential failure costs.

Your future-proof infrastructure consultants

Tauw always looks from the outside in. Thanks to our strong connection with the environment, we create the necessary support for infrastructural interventions. This makes each design future-proof. Collaboration is in our DNA. We develop each project plan in close cooperation with our customers.

Furthermore, questions about infrastructure often do not stand alone and touch upon many themes. Our consultants are happy to act as a source of information for the future.


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