A changing sector 

The industrial sector is facing some major changes. Environmental and climate issues, as well as the accompanying legislation, are forcing organisations to adopt new visions when designing their industrial sites. For instance, the chemical sector is transitioning towards using hydrogen and new sources of carbon, electrification is playing an ever increasing role in processes, and climate adaptive measures like water and heat management are determining whether site will be able to meet the needs of the future. On the other hand, there are also huge opportunities in this transition. The industry is digitalising and intelligently re-using (waste) materials in order to make business processes circular and more efficient. However, a great deal of specific knowledge and comprehensive experience is needed to realise this process in a sustainable, cost-efficient and strategic manner. 

Choosing smart

Viable site (re)development is about safely and efficiently utilising available space. Whether dealing with undeveloped land or parts of an existing industrial site, effective research and carefully considered choices are essential from the very outset. For example, in order to investigate and remediate potential soil pollution, gaining an insight into suitable routes for underground cables and pipes, or exploring potential impact from the surroundings is essential.

If potential opportunities are identified at an early stage, and the risks are highlighted and resolved, designs are more likely to be approved, risks will be reduced and the actual development will be more cost-efficient. 

Permits for the industry

Permits are extremely important in projects that focus on industrial site development. Would you like to know which permit applications we can assist you with? Then check out our capability statement.

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Future-proof continuity

Many different challenges are encountered when (re-)developing and closing industrial sites. Because we incorporate practical knowledge from various disciplines into one integral approach, you will be able to work at an industrial site that is ready for the future. A site with a sustainable design, which complies with all applicable laws and regulations. If this is followed up by effective compliance, you can safeguard the continuity of your organisation. With our in-depth expertise, we can help you in doing so.


How can TAUW assist you? 

TAUW is a committed partner for organisations that work at industrial sites. We are able to offer all kinds of support, whether you are starting, optimising or closing an industrial site. 

We possess in-depth knowledge about all relevant disciplines, and combine them to offer clients the most comprehensive assistance possible - this includes planning and execution, as well as process-related guidance. Our aim is to always help realise a future-proof industry, using innovative ideas and tailor-made solutions in every phase of your site (re)development. 


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Starting an industrial site

Developing a new, future-proof industrial site is a complex affair. It requires looking at between ambitions, possibilities and costs, within a very complicated legal and regulatory framework. TAUW is an experienced partner that will help you to make the right decisions at the right time, and support you from the very first idea until the actual design and realisation. 

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Optimising an industrial site

A future-proof enterprise is only possible if you continuously optimise your industrial site and/or processes. By investing in innovative technology, sustainable processes and fruitful partnerships, you can avoid risks and safeguard your mission in a market that changes every day. TAUW will give you the required support. We assist organisations during the whole optimisation process, from identifying opportunities to designing and realising your projects.     

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Closing an industrial site

When terminating industrial activities or industrial sites, an expert approach is needed. This approach must ensure (environmentally) responsible, cost-efficient and sustainable decommissioning, taking into account applicable laws and regulations. The aim is to minimise remaining obligations and to maximise the value of the site. TAUW can help you to shape this process by offering you specific and process-related assistance. 

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Project references site (re)development

Key role for TAUW in the transformation of the Aluchemie site into a Greenfield

TAUW, in collaboration with Aluchemie, has carried out a large-scale Greenfield project: the dismantling of a 26-hectare site in the Botlek area. The project was unique due to the size of the site and the various expertise required to successfully complete it.

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