Core values

At the heart of all our actions are integrity, professionalism and social responsibility. These are the core values that underpin Tauw’s company culture. It is a set of behaviours that we expect our people to embrace.


“Everyone is entitled to safe working conditions”

Safety first 

Incidents happen. We are very aware of this. That is why, at Tauw, we put safety first. Period. All our employees should be safe and return home unharmed after a day’s work. Safety is thus a key topic in everything we do.

We also strongly believe that rules alone don’t guarantee safety. It is very much a question of awareness, culture, monitoring and reporting.

Safety mostly comes alive when you have to deal with it yourself. A mother, for example, feels responsible for the safety of her children. But what seems logical at home is often much more complicated in our industry. At Tauw, we therefore urge our people to consciously take that obvious safety of home along to the workplace.

Safety rules

Our people carefully comply with the Tauw rules and regulations and instructions concerning safety at work. They make sure that their activities are carried out in a safe manner. Unsafe situations and (near) accidents are always and directly reported.

Our organisation-wide reporting tool Safety Incident makes it easier to report and monitor incidents. Its effectiveness has now been more than proven. The number of reported incidents increased by more than 300%, both in office situations and in the field.

Naturally, safety is a major priority for our clients as well. Reduction of incidents within industrial sites is a key priority. Statistics show that 50% of safety incidents concern own staff. The other 50% however occur with hired personnel. Therefore, safe working conditions are a concern for all parties involved. At Tauw, we use our knowledge and experience to make a virtue of necessity: safety first.

“Safety is not a matter of course and should always be on everyone’s agenda.”


“Sustainability is present in everything we do” 

To achieve our mission and live our vision, we initiate and contribute ideas towards a sustainable future. Offering sustainable solutions comes with a responsibility: to be sustainable yourself. Therefore, we continuously strive for green solutions and services. Three key guidelines apply in these respects:

Our guidelines: practically sustainable

1 We advise our customers in making sustainable choices 

2 We continuously strive to optimise our own sustainable development.

3 We invest in a sustainable future 

People, Planet, Prosperity

We advise our customers on making sustainable choices. We monitor the environmental quality, apply innovative nature-based solutions, regulate permits and optimise business processes. In doing so, we take into account the vulnerability of nature, biodiversity and human interest.

Practically sustainable 

We continuously strive to enhance our own sustainable development in all its facets. That’s why we work on reducing our carbon and water footprints, give room for the personal development of our people, and actively pursue our company to reflect the society we live in. We aim to be as green as possible in areas such as mobility (green cars), waste management, energy management and more. Together we work on stable, sustainable profitability.

In a broader spectrum, Tauw is committed to and positions itself in the United Nations framework of Sustainable Development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Our ethical standards

At Tauw, we acknowledge the need to comply with the highest ethical standards, especially in our field of expertise. That’s why we abide by the code of ethics of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). In doing so, we recognize the industry is critical to achieving sustainable development of our society and the environment. 

Main aspects of this standard are:

  • Integrity and impartiality
  • Fairness, honesty and loyalty supporting all actions
  • Being aware of and obeying the law
  • Contribute to the well-being of shareholders, customers, the economy and the society.

A people’s business

Our people should feel safe and be able to do their work in an open and honest working environment. That’s why we urge them to treat each other respectfully. Any statement (or conduct) containing threatening, sexual or otherwise harassing, discriminatory, defamatory or offensive content in any manner or by whatever medium.

Tauw is above all a people’s business. We want our people to be happy with their work and workplace. We have incorporated this into our policies and guidelines. In addition, we perform employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to monitor wellbeing so we can adjust if necessary.

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