Just like you, TAUW has an ambition 

Dreams, ideals and ambitions. We all have them. But where can you make them part of your daily work? At TAUW you can!

At TAUW you will work on meaningful projects which contribute to a vital living environment. You will work in an inspiring organization, and at the same time have the opportunity to continuously improve yourself.

This means you will LIVE YOUR AMBITION while also contributing to TAUW’s collective ambition.  Because just like you, TAUW has an ambition. As a leading European environmental consultancy, we create solutions that make sustainability tangible and feasible for current and future generations. 

We are shaping a vital living environment together with over 1,200 dedicated employees at offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

It’s not just a daily job, it’s… a living ambition 





Our Culture

We Care, Connect & Improve.

These are our core values. These are the fundamental beliefs of TAUW and all its employees. When you work at TAUW you will discover that we live them in our daily work

Our employees are our greatest asset! Our employees are passionate about what they do, and they are very competent. In an open and participatory culture, we are able to care for our clients, colleagues, society and the environment.

We are connected by a common ambition – to create a sustainable world for future generations. Therefore, we believe in the power of teamwork. We communicate directly with each other. We actively share our experiences. We involve all stakeholders and achieve our goals together.

We empower our colleagues and support our clients and partners to improve the quality of their services. We expand and share our knowledge. Together, we are working continuously on better ways to make sustainability tangible and feasible



We own TAUW together

We are proud of our unique form of ownership.

Participation is more than a catchy headline for us. All TAUW employees with a permanent contract receive free shares certificates. Furthermore, most of our colleagues have exploited the annual opportunity to buy additional share certificates. Why are we employee owned? We want to be an independent company and define our own future. And we think it’s good that the employees get a share of the results. 

TAUW is 100% owned by its employees.

We empower personal development

We will give you ample opportunity to develop yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of work experience or have just started your professional career. We have different career paths, where you can unfold your individual potential based on your ambitions and talents.

Furthermore, our TAUW university allows you to choose various courses for expanding your knowledge and/or soft skills.

And last but not least, did you know that some of our products were developed by our own employees? If you have a vision and can explain how it can be turned into a market-ready product, we will give you the opportunity and support needed to turn it into a living ambition.

Social Responsibility

Our mission is our promise both inside and outside our company.

We are strongly committed to promoting a diverse workforce in terms of background, nationality, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age. We believe in an inclusive culture: everyone should feel free to bring their talent and individuality to the table.

Moreover, annually the TAUW participation board awards funds for social projects. Suggestions for suitable projects can be handed in by every TAUW certificate owner – which is us!

Themes we have impact on

Meet our employees


Just imagine, you've been working on a specialisation in coral reefs, and growing up in Aruba you have seen the consequences of climate change with your own eyes. But then one day you realise that you would prefer to live in the Netherlands, where coral reefs are not exactly common. Can you still put your knowledge and ideals to use for a better world? Francesca Sahit, Junior Consultant Ecology & Climate Adaptation and former trainee at TAUW, shares her story.

Francesca Sahit
Consultant Climate Adaptation Read more


“I watched birds, butterflies, dragon flies and plants from knee high. My father is a biologist, so I was spoon-fed my interest in nature,” relates Frank Aarts, Team Manager Ecology and Senior Project Manager. “The loveliest days were our annual outings. We set out early to drive from Veldhoven to Zeeland to watch the marine birds, coastal birds and seals. I just loved it.”

Frank Aarts
Teammanager Ecology department Read more


An optimum digital infrastructure is essential for any organisation. This certainly applies to TAUW, where collecting, sharing and making data comprehensible is a fundamental part of the work. Ronald Thijs, IT Manager Services & Operations and Team Manager Adoption Centre, and his colleagues are dedicated to ensuring that everything runs smoothly now and in the future.

Ronald Thijs
IT Manager Services & Operations and Team Manager Adoption Centre Read more


TAUW's motto is: 'It's not just a daily job, it's a living ambition'. Sometimes that ambition can be to transfer to another company. Heinz Peter Thelen made that step after twelve years at TAUW. So why does his story appear on this website? He returned in June 2021 and since then has been working as Senior Project Manager Demolishment and Brownfield Development at TAUW Germany.

Heinz Peter
Senior Projectmanager Read more

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