About Tauw

More than 1,100 Tauw employees work across Europe to create a clean, safe and sustainable living environment. They are driven, curious, and passionate experts in their fields. Together we devote ourselves to a great variety of projects and develop innovative and efficient solutions for a better environment.

Our people are our value. We are proud of our unique form of participatory leadership. Tauw employees feel strongly committed to the Tauw organisation. We achieve our results together. We also want our people to be happy with their work and workplace. That’s why safety comes firstas do equal opportunities.

Our Culture

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Our culture 

Our corporate culture is informal. The atmosphere is amicable. We believe that a good atmosphere, combined with your ambitions and competencies, affects your career to a great degree. At Tauw you can be yourself, as a professional and as a person. From your personal passion, you can come up with smart solutions for a clean, safe and sustainable environment.

“I am very proud to be working for a company that has ‘sustainable solutions for a better environment’ as mission”

Tauw University

We like to invest in our people. That is why each employee has a personal development plan, which focusses on continuous learning and growing. We even offer an internal training programme: Tauw University. Tauw University gives our people the opportunity to develop their skills and keep learning new things. 

Field of expertise

Thanks to our broad range of services and our many fields of expertise, we have a diversity of jobs and opportunities on offer, plus a wide scope for further development.

  • Water

  • Sustainability

  • Soil and groundwater

  • Compliance

  • Infrastructure

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Transactions

  • Site development

  • Other

Current Jobs

Please check our country websites for job opportunities

Open applications

No suitable jobs currently advertised, but interested to join our playground? We welcome open applications. Feel free to send us your resume and motivation and do not forget to mention what it is you are looking for. We cannot promise anything, except that we will take your application into consideration.

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