Many organisations want “to do more with data”. However, new developments succeed each other at an increasingly high pace. It is a challenge to make optimal use of possibilities without getting lost. Data allows you to control, manage and monitor your choices and goals. TAUW can help you do this in the best way possible. We provide structured advice about programmes for requirements, work processes, valuable interfaces and internal and external communication. This way we make it possible to work in a data-driven manner. 

Our professionals are completely up to date on the most recent developments and offer additional value with digital tools in the answer to current topics. Through existing and new data, the actual task can be more clearly understood by realistically visualising the potential solutions. Control and monitoring are made possible with predictive algorithms. As a result, organisations can contribute more intelligently and efficiently to the challenges they face. 

This way of working ensures that we: 

  • digitally serve our clients better and faster; 
  • make data widely applicable (from visualisation to interpretation to control);  
  • enhance digital collaboration with our clients through platforms and data sets; 
  • offer our clients entirely new services that meet their (new) needs. 


We retrieve the best answers from data

Digital transformation holds many possibilities. From automation, data optimisation and digitisation such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a shift of an organisation that wants to cater better to the needs of its customers with new digital possibilities.  

Our devoted professionals are specialised in soil, water and ecosystem topics. They know the changing customers’ demands and offer meaningful solutions by combining strong expertise with valuable partnerships. We provide independent advice to extract valuable answers from data together with our clients. 


The value of data

Many of our clients have formulated ambitions and goals that contribute to their own digital transformation. They understand that their stakeholders, such as local residents, shareholders and investors become more assertive and that they demand more and better communication. Due to the integral nature of these demands, complexity increases. A project about the renovation of an urban area, for example, is not just about climate adaptation. Energy transition and biodiversity are also essential elements in this topic. By optimising the integrated processes, we together contribute to a solution for the shortage of drinking water, raw materials and electricity. Additionally, the need to work faster, at lower costs and mostly smarter remains great and the decision-making has to be (more) transparent. Take for example the implementation of data system for the Environmental Planning Bill (Omgevingswet).




Our data-driven solutions and people

Many organisations are aware of their need for digital transformation. TAUW offers Data Consultancy to translate these ambitions into operational changes. It is our goal to help organisations make more use of data and work better with data. We combine our domain expertise – of the Water Boards, local authorities and industry, for example – with our own knowledge of and expertise in data to help you realise your goals and ambitions in terms of digital transformation.

We offer a wide range of data products and services to support our clients in all elements of their own digital transformation and to give substance to new needs and expectations of the business, the government and other stakeholders. From data collection, clean-up and enrichment to information and tailored advice. By developing new digital ideas and concepts in our TAUW Open Innovation Hub with our stakeholders and clients, we provide advanced knowledge and ultimately services that are directly applicable.

We help for example a port authority with receiving and processing data from all suppliers, optimise the Data Flow Chain of a Water Board to pave the road to data-driven working, build dashboards to quickly provide municipalities with insights into thematic data, support companies in the rapid development of digital ideas, develop new data-driven services ourselves and experiment with technologies and new business and revenue models. Together with our clients, we fulfil new and changing needs in a different, better and more efficient manner.

Our service in terms of Digital Transformation

Data products and services

To support businesses and government institutions in their digital transition, we offer a range of data products and services. This helps organisations with making strategic decisions. With structured data provincial authorities and municipalities can enhance their policies.

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TAUW Open Innovation Hub

The TAUW Open Innovation Hub (TOIH) is an environment in which we discover and develop new digital ideas and concepts. From idea to scalable and implementable solution. With our TOIH, we literally and figuratively open the doors for everyone, such as new and existing clients, partners, start-ups and students. To everyone who has a need for professional and structured development of a (digital) idea. This way, we prepare our customers for the future with new services and better work processes.

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Our advisors frequently write blog articles related to digital transformation in which they tell about their latest projects, particular insights and experiences and they share their views on interesting developments in terms of digital transformation.

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