Optimisation is about maximising impact while using resources as efficiently as possible. However,  this cannot be done without a proper planning phase. Our specialists use specific (environmental) studies and data-based models to find the most effective improvements for your processes, while also considering your ambitions. In addition, we help you to create valuable partnerships with stakeholders in your surroundings and support you in further opportunities for environmental development. For example, by improving logistics on a large scale or allowing waste to flow from one company to serve as raw materials for other companies.  


TAUW will assist you when forming this (joint) vision and approach to translate your ambitions into specific actions, guaranteeing you a cost-efficient, highly effective and sustainable development plan. For example, to practically address the energy transition, reduce emissions or streamline your logistics, we will ensure a tailor-made and in-depth design that incorporates our civil engineering, environmental and process-related knowledge, which has been clearly structured so that we can jointly make effective decisions. This design will serve as the basis for realising your objectives in a sustainable, efficient and safe manner, while safeguarding the continuity of your day-to-day production process. 


Effective preparation will always be reflected in the results. We will implement the required optimisations in a cost-efficient manner, while safe guarding your primary process. We will cooperatively work with you, and not only based on your instructions. Our project managers will ensure clear planning, effectively-structured work processes and clear communication with executive partners and stakeholders. In addition, we will serve as a strategic partner, and offer you support and advice during technical and process-related issues. This means you can effectively manage the project, while we work together to realise your future-proof industrial site. 

A selection of our services for optimising industrial sites: 

  • Research into air-bound emissions (monitoring) 
  • Soil studies 
  • Water soil studies 
  • Relocation of business activities 
  • Management and maintenance (such as data management, registration of cables and pipes, etc.) 
  • Environmental and/or civil engineering support in case of changes 
  • Changes relating to the energy/chemical transition 
  • Elimination of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)  
  • Risk and contract management 
  • Project management 
  • Compliance management


The added value of TAUW 

TAUW is able to combine expertise about permits (see our capability statement), compliance and current legislation with in-depth knowledge about soil, the environment and safety. A team of experts will stand by your side, sharing strategic ideas and easing your burden in all phases of the project. Working with TAUW will allow you to meet the following strategic goals for your industrial site:  

  • safeguard the environment, now and in the future; 
  • use water and raw materials in a responsible way; 
  • realise a future-proof and climate-friendly building and business site; 
  • treat surroundings with respect. 


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Other phases in site (re)development

Starting an industrial site

Developing a new, future-proof industrial site is a complex affair. It requires looking at between ambitions, possibilities and costs, within a very complicated legal and regulatory framework. TAUW is an experienced partner that will help you to make the right decisions at the right time, and support you from the very first idea until the actual design and realisation. 

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Closing an industrial site

When terminating industrial activities or industrial sites, an expert approach is needed. This approach must ensure (environmentally) responsible, cost-efficient and sustainable decommissioning, taking into account applicable laws and regulations. The aim is to minimise remaining obligations and to maximise the value of the site. TAUW can help you to shape this process by offering you specific and process-related assistance. 

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Project references site (re)development

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