Contributing to the quality of the environment

TAUW has years of experience as an advisor in the field of sustainable soil and land management. As a cutting-edge consultant with extensive expertise in soil and subsurface issues, we can address societal challenges such as climate change, biodiversity, dealing with (diffuse) pollution, and creating a future-proof living environment. We also actively contribute to policy formation and offer practical solutions at a (inter)national level.

As an active partner in NICOLE (Network for Industrially Co-ordinated Land Management in Europe) and a member of the International Sustainable Remediation Association, TAUW is involved in formulating policy and taking care of the needs of multinationals in solving and reducing their soil liabilities. In addition, TAUW is also a partner for the Global Mercury Partnership from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Globally, we are involved in formulating policy and taking care of the needs of multinationals in solving and reducing their soil liabilities.

At TAUW, we apply our knowledge and expertise to clients throughout Europe. We think integrally and apply soil restoration to remediation projects, urban development, and sustainability projects. In this way, we create added value for clients and nature. We continue to contribute to the quality of the environment to have healthy and resilient soils for future generations: it's not just a daily job, it's...a living ambition!


A brief selection of our soil and groundwater services


Soil and groundwater investigation

The nature, cause and size of soil surveys and projects vary considerably. As do the issues that need solving. We apply our extensive experience in all kinds of soil issues, from policy to research to remediation.

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Soil and groundwater remediation

Soil and groundwater contamination is a critical issue for human and environmental health. TAUW offers extensive experience in site-specific risk assessment and remediation technologies, both on-site, in-situ, and off-site. Our team provides guidance in all processes and offers tailored advice on a combination of management and remediation technologies, taking into account the legal aspects of soil pollution.

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Hazardous waste inventories and management

Inadequate hazardous waste storage or disposal operations can pose a serious threat to the environment and human health. At abandoned warehouses, factories, or hazardous waste storage sites, reactive and toxic chemical wastes are often stored in unsound and unsafe conditions. This can lead to serious accidents (e.g. fires and explosions). TAUW is experienced in the completion of inventories of (abandoned) hazardous and chemical waste, investigation of disposal sites, and supervision of site clean-up.

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Mercury in soil and groundwater

Due to its toxicity, mercury is increasingly being phased out. Before the adverse effects of mercury were known, it was used in numerous products, in a variety of industrial processes and in crop protection products. This led to emissions into the environment, and consequently to humans and the ecosystem being exposed to mercury contamination.

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PFAS are often referred to as the 'forever chemical' and some of them fall under the EU persistent organic pollutants (POPs) regulations. Our environmental specialists and engineers are experienced in planning and carrying out site assessments at sites contaminated with PFAS and in designing remediation projects to meet compliance levels for the soil, surface water and groundwater.

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Integrated soil and groundwater solutions

Our soil and groundwater work field does not stop at soil research and soil remediation. That’s why we also offer solutions on topics such as:


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