Water is our source of existence

Water management has been in our portfolio since our very foundation 1928: 90 years of experience that we are proud of. Our range of services and expertise in the field of water is broad, however our focus areas are:

Innovative waste water treatment

Discharging waste water minimizes pollution of soil and surface water. That’s why our experts dedicate themselves to separating clean and polluted water streams, for example through sustainable water purification systems. The innovative systems break down pollutants into harmless components and recover valuable components for re-use.

We bundle technological research and design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering to realise high-quality systems for sewage treatment (WWTPs), wastewater treatment (AWZIs) and individual waste water treatment (ibas).

Water chain and circularity

Tauw advises on the optimisation of the sustainable water chain; from sink to sewage. In doing so, we provide answers to questions such as: how can we make our water chain future-proof and climate-neutral?  The answer often lies in making smart use of new technology, such as new sanitation and ecological post-purification and thereby contributing to a circular economy.

Climate adaptation

Due to climate change, more extreme weather is to be expected. This may cause flooding, damage to foundations and green areas and possibly heat stress. For local governments, timely anticipation is key. The same goes for industrial and commercial parties: anticipating weather-related damage is increasingly economically relevant. 

Our experts have developed innovative tools that quickly provide insight into the impact of climate change. These tools literally map the effects of climate change by means of heat stress and flooding maps, which provide insight into the costs and benefits of smart solutions.

Hydrology: surface and groundwater

When it comes to the topic of hydrology, we are very much focussed on the water system of the future. Supported by surface water models, our consultants provide insight into water systems, for example via water system analyses, answering questions such as: what effect do environmental factors such as soil subsidence have?

As experts in regional groundwater models, we calculate complex groundwater systems and predict the effects of interventions on, for example, agriculture, nature and urban water. Do you need temporary drainage for the construction of a road, pipeline or tunnel? We provide advice on a dewatering plan. Our groundwater experts are happy to think along with you about sustainable innovation.

We also advise on topics such as water safety, groundwater contamination, pumping stations and strategic issues.

Your future-proof source of information

Questions about water management often do not stand alone and touch upon themes such as soil, infrastructure, ecology and more. Our consultants are therefore happy to act as a source of information for the future.

Any questions?

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