Based on this experience, we share our perceptions of what goes on in the soil beneath us and how we can deal with it", says Charles Pijls, one of the eight authors who worked on this version of the book In Situ Soil and Groundwater Remediation: Theory and Practice for four years. The authors accurately explain the in situ remediation technologies that are available. They present new insights, optimised technologies and interesting combinations of remediation methods without the need for earth moving. The book costs €49.00, including shipping and VAT.

Book with latest insights into in situ remediation

The soil forms the vital basis of our existence. But what goes on down there? How do these natural, organic processes work? Which contaminating substances are disruptive and harmful? Soil remediation technologies have drastically improved over the years. Sometimes even, its own capacity for recovery is used. With an incredible sixteen in situ remediation technologies, this revised edition provides a practical and application-targeted overview of the possibilities, as well as the impossibilities.

Technical reference work

In Situ Soil and Groundwater Remediation: Theory and Practice is a technical reference work packed with information. The information was collected after many years of experience in soil survey and soil remediation and through collaboration with contractors, research institutes and universities. The result is a valuable tool for educational purposes and a popular study book at universities of applied sciences. It provides an insight for managers and anyone responsible for the environmental portfolio during the preparations of remediation projects. On a closing note, it is a detailed representation of the improvement, refinement and combinations of applications of virtually all in situ technologies.

Background information

Twenty years ago, the Netherlands experienced a peak in terms of soil issues. Subsequently, the soil consultants of Tauw wrote an initial exploration about the application of in situ remediation technologies. The request to do so came from Uitgeverij Kluwer, as part of a series of study books into environmental control. Once the consultants started to focus on writing, their passion for this reference work increased and it never stopped. Now, they share refinements and improvements with anyone involved in soil contamination, either through work or study. Thanks to this new edition, it has become a statement of Tauw's soil expertise. The previous edition was published twelve years ago. 


Emile Marnette, Charles Pijls, Frank Volkering, Tobias Praamstra, Bert Scheffer, Marian Langevoort, Dirk Paulus and Ronnie Berg

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