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24 December 2020 | News items

Jan-Paul van Term appointed as member Supervisory Board TAUW Group

2 October 2020 | News items

GREENER solutions for contaminated soil and water

Tauw Group participates in the EU-Horizon2020 project 'GREENER - Integrated Systems for Effective Environmental Remediation'. GREENER proposes the development of green, sustainable, efficient, and low-cost…

6 July 2020

HCH in EU - the legacy of the Lindane production in Europe

15 June 2020

Cost-efficient and sustainable cleansing of PFAS-contaminated…

28 May 2020

Results of large-scale experiment on EquiAsh published


Themes we work on


Sustainable development is a social and global guiding principle of the 21st century. This means ensuring a self-regenerative long-term, ecological, social and economic structure. As part of a unique and interconnected system, every organisation, whether industrial, governmental, financial, private or public – and each person - may contribute to sustainable development. As environmental consultants, it is our mission to create sustainable solutions. That is why we always take sustainability into account in our services, in our advice, in how we innovate.


Our climate changes, sea levels are rising, and fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce. This means that good water management in all its aspects is a key issue for municipalities, business and industry. That’s why Tauw cooperates with a wide variety of partners and parties on water issues. Naturally, our focus therein lies on sustainability and innovative solutions for a safe future environment.

Soil and Groundwater

Soil is one of our foundations. For over thirty years, we have been a top player in Europe in the fields of soil pollution and groundwater contamination. Governments, industry, private companies and others see us as a reliable partner that is always looking for sustainable and innovate solutions. Our aim is to unburden our customers by reducing and solving soil liabilities.

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European Environmental consultancy firm

TAUW is a European consultancy and engineering firm with a strong position in environmental advice and the sustainable development of the living environment. From offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, we work with more than 1,200 dedicated employees on a beautiful, clean, safe and sustainable living environment.

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