Reliable measuring is important.

After all, the results can have major consequences for people, companies and the environment. Our experts place measurements and inspections in a broader context: we measure, monitor, inspect and advise on all aspects of the quality of the living environment. Whether it concerns soil, air, ecology, noise and vibration, asbestos, wastewater or inspections concerning management and maintenance.

Monitoring the living environment

Are there protected species in a development area? Might we find asbestos in our building or in our soil? Do our emissions meet the set requirements?

Our measurements, inspections, data processing and research, provide certainty about the quality of the living environment or the environmental performance of your industrial or government organisation.

Qualified measurement, sampling and analytics are the basis for any environmental assessment. Central to this are the reliable detection and evaluation of abnormalities and contaminants in the entire project environment, as well as the subsequent analysis in accredited laboratories and detailed advice on the applicable statutory provisions.

Our aim is to contribute to a sustainable environment. Based on our environmental monitoring results our customers can take specific action towards this mission.

Air emission measurements

Many industrial processes result in the emission of polluting contaminants into the air. The industrial community has adopted measures to limit these emissions. In these efforts, process-specific advice can be beneficial as can reliable measurements. After all, companies and governments want to keep abreast of the amount of emissions of air pollutants. This is necessary for the application or the granting of permits, but also, for process monitoring. Tauw is at the forefront when it comes to performing emission measurements. We are an accredited measurement body. Our emission measurements meet all necessary requirements.

As an expert in the field of air measurements, our services also extend to workplace measurements and air quality monitoring.

Asbestos inventories and sustainable solutions

Tauw strives for an asbestos-safe society. That is why we offer tailored solutions at all stages of the process: from asbestos research to asbestos inventories and asbestos advice. Do you suspect asbestos in your building, object or in soil? Our experts come up with pragmatic and safe solutions. The first important step is efficient and accurate asbestos research, varying from a quick scan to a contamination survey. We adjust the inventory to the type of project concerned. Think of real estate transactions, demolition and exploitation models. We can also draw up plan for sustainable remediation and cost estimates or even carry out the entire preparation, supervision and management of asbestos removal.

Sound environmental monitoring is strongly advised to ensure the long-term safety of a project. Tauw is a competent partner for professional groundwater sampling, measuring groundwater levels, pumping tests, on-site groundwater treatment as well as deep-water sampling and waterbed sedimentation.

Innovative measurements with drones

Tauw is a front-runner when it comes to using innovative measuring techniques. We routinely use drones, remote sensing and geophysical tools to map and measure objects, structures, and contaminants.

The use of drones is an example of an innovation that can no longer be ignored and has proven its value in the world of (soil) measurements and inspections. Drones are easy to use, save time and rapidly accumulate huge amounts of data. These data can be applied directly in reports and related advice.

Your future-proof for sustainable measurements

Tauw is a reliable sampling partner for the natural resources of soil, water and air. We use routine analytical methods to ensure that your business is compliant with government regulations and detect irregularities at an early stage. An essential feature of our customer-specific, pragmatic and innovative approach is flexibility in terms of time and swift project realisation, while ensuring compliance with legal requirements at all times.


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