Airports: Innovative airport development focusing on sustainability and customer experience

Growing number of passengers, increasing air traffic and constant pressure from the continuous development and growth of legal demands in relation to sustainability: airports must grow to keep up. Passengers expect an airport to provide the very best customer experience. Entering an airport should be like entering a city: an efficient and safe city with, for example, short walking distances, the newest (biometric) technologies and a friendly atmosphere. Which airport doesn’t want to minimize their environmental impact, be in compliance with local and international laws and regulations and wants to meet the expectations of their customers?

The aviation sector not only deals with a large number of passengers, the government and the environment. They are involved in major environmental issues, such as climate change, efficient use of raw materials and air quality, over which they can exert a significant influence, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

Innovative improvements

To meet the demands of the airports themselves, the passengers, the environment and the government, and to keep track of the ongoing development of the sector, additional attention and continuous improvement is both required and inevitable. Whether it’s a relatively small project like improving the baggage handling or an enormous challenge such as building a completely new airport, Tauw adds value.

Added value through experience

Tauw specializes in giving advice to new and existing airports on their development. We strive for sustainable solutions, suitable for both today and the future. Our strength is our involvement in the complete process or in specific aspects of the (re)development, expansion, growth, maintenance and compliance management throughout airports across Europe. We are able to provide a wide range of services for all airports in the areas of soil, civil engineering, health & safety and compliance management. Our clients include national and international airports, such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Bonaire International Airport and Frankfurt Airport.

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