Cost-efficient and sustainable cleansing of PFAS-contaminated soils

Milieutechniek de Vries & van de Wiel (part of DEME Environmental) and Tauw have joined forces to launch a cost-efficient and sustainable cleansing option for PFAS-contaminated soils on to the European market.

15 June 2020

Thanks to this partnership Milieutechniek de Vries & van de Wiel and Tauw, both soil experts, can now offer customers a total solution for washing PFAS's from sandy ground and granulate compounds.

Hybrid soil washing process

DEME Environmental has developed a ‘soil washing’ process that can be used to clean PFAS-based soils. It is a hybrid version of the wet extraction cleaning process which, besides separating fraction, primarily focuses on remediating process water. Cleaning yields of over 95% have been realised in the laboratory and in full scale applications.

Clean or apply for non-cleanable declaration?

However, it is expensive to dump PFAS-based soil (landfill levy) and it is certainly not sustainable or circular. Dumped soil is regarded as “waste”, while cleansed soil is given a second life. Valuable primary raw materials are also recovered when cleansed soil is reused.

The ‘DEME HYBRID SOIL WASHING PROCESS’ makes it possible to clean PFAS-based soil in a sustainable manner and to drastically reduce the amount of dumped material (by at least 60%).

Also suitable for you?

Are you curious about the cleaning possibilities for granulate compounds or soil with PFAS content that exceeds re-use norms? Then please contact us so we can - without obligation and free of charge - use available analysis results to assess the cleansing potential of your soil.

  • Tauw: Jeroen Gmelig Meyling (+31 65 53 02 35 3) of Tessa Verschoor (+31 62 29 74 82 0)
  • Milieutechniek de Vries & van de Wiel: Pieter van der Mussele (+32 4 7398 4930) of Jochem Bloemendaal (+31 6 1533 9626).

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