Tauw conducts international EDD for Katoen Natie

In preparation of the acquisition of Dutch logistics company Langen by the Belgian Katoen Natie, Tauw was commissioned to conduct an EDD (Environmental Due Diligence) audit. Tauw Belgium was responsible for the project management and the communication with Katoen Natie about the complex international investigations. All this was done under strict confidentiality and with tight deadlines.

All environmental risks under scrutiny

In the first stage, experienced Tauw auditors from Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain simultaneously assessed and reported on the potential environmental risks on all Langen sites. For the Poland office, a local partner was engaged. In the second phase, additional research was performed where needed. The final phase involved preparing a cost estimate associated with the various findings.

Tight planning

Julie Tegenbos, Project Engineer at Tauw Belgium: “The challenge was to have the various phases of the EDD take place within the tight timeframe in all countries at the same time. For example, we only had one week between the order and the report of the first phase. Although this is not unusual for an EDD, it does require a great deal of internal communications and organisation. And it can only succeed if the client also responds quickly to any additional questions. However, the smooth cooperation with Katoen Natie and the efficiency of the entire project team ensured a successful project completion.”

Concise and comprehensive reports

On the basis of various investigations and reports, Katoen Natie was able to obtain a clear picture of the potential environmental risks and the associated costs on the various sites.
David Bresseleers, Environmental Manager at Katoen Natie:
“Katoen Natie has gained extensive experience with acquisitions, but these projects nevertheless remain challenging. We look for reliable partners with an international spread that matches the target. In this project, Tauw was present in the most important countries with a fully-fledged office of their own (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain).

The issue then is to collect and process a large amount of data in a short period of time in order to provide the management with good advice. Anticipating this Tauw followed a clear structure in their concise but comprehensive reports.

During projects of this kind we always try to create trust between all parties involved by assuming a certain openness. Tauw recognised and acted on this in an excellent way, with respect for our interests and the confidential nature of the project".

Tauw is proud to have been able to contribute to the positive completion of this acquisition.

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