Tauw continues healthy growth in 2015

Tauw achieved a positive EBITDA of EUR 6 million in 2015 and a pre-tax result of EUR 3.7 million, doubling the pre-tax result. This increased from 1.4% of the turnover in 2014 to 3.6% in 2015. “A confirmation that we made the right choices in recent years”, said Annemieke Nijhof, Tauw Group CEO.

The positive result is partly due to the high performance of foreign branches. Nijhof: “The branches outside the Netherlands performed better than predicted. This demonstrates that Tauw as a consulting and engineering firm also has added value for clients outside the Netherlands. This is how we realize our ambitions in the European market.” This ambition was underlined in 2015 with the appointment of William van Niekerk as Executive Board Member. He focuses on reinforcing Tauw’s position in the international market in addition to the industry in the Netherlands. He heads the Tauw Group together with Nijhof.

2015 in figures
Tauw doubled the pre-tax result from 1.4% to 3.6% of the turnover. The doubling of the results was achieved, in addition to the good performance abroad, thanks to a lower cost structure and constant added value. The Tauw measuring and inspection services experienced a healthy growth. The number of FTEs in the Tauw Group remained virtually the same.

*2015 annual figures are subject to final approval from our accountant

Flexible Solutions
The operating profits doubled compared to 2014. Tauw has been experiencing a steady growth since 2013. One of the success factors for this steady growth is the introduction of Tauw Flexible Solutions which involves seconding staff. Nijhof: “We have identified a demand in the market for interim professionals and project secondment in the field of the environment, water, civil engineering and safety. We would like to keep Tauw staff available for our own projects, but we would also like to enable them to make a contribution, through secondments, to meeting the needs of the clients. We are focusing on expanding this flexible way of working in the coming years.”

Focus on industry
The growth of the profitability of Tauw is mainly related to industrial clients. “They work with us to realise their sustainability goals,” says Van Niekerk. “We apply innovative technology worldwide for cleaner soil, cleaner air and cleaner water for clients who want to improve the environment they are working in.”

Social relevance
The causes championed by Tauw in 2015 included improving the environment. “One example is the stimulation of awareness about the hazards surrounding asbestos and the removal of asbestos roofing material,” says Nijhof. “In my opinion it is vital that we develop an ambitious and innovative programme for asbestos.” In 2015, Tauw was also one of the firms to initiate the recently concluded climate adaptation City Deal, a platform for knowledge sharing between cities. Nijhof: “Councils and water boards can learn from each other. Every town will have to deal with the consequences of climate change. Flooding and periods of prolonged drought will occur more frequently in the future. Many cities approach these problems in similar ways. We would like to contribute to sustainable solutions for these problems.”

InnovationTauw will continue to focus on technological developments and innovation in 2016. Nijhof expects Tauw to be able to again achieve good figures next year. “We expect a growing demand for our services. Water management, sustainability and climate adaptation will continue to be items that require action,” Nijhof concludes.

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