Tauw extends sponsorship of Amref Flying Doctors

Tauw extended its sponsorship of Amref Flying Doctors in June 2017.

Tauw commits to sustainable solutions for a better environment in each and every project and consultation on a daily basis. But an (international) sustainable spatial environment is not something that you can achieve on your own. Which is why in June 2017 we extended the three-year sponsorship of AMREF Flying Doctors (which started in 2014) by one year. We hope to be able to make a real difference with the long-term nature of the sponsorship.

Amref Flying Doctors was not a random choice. Our financial contribution (20,000 euros per year) benefits the ‘Making WASH Everybody’s Business’ project. This project focuses on tackling unhygienic situations, (drinking) water shortages and the ensuing health problems in Addis Ababa, Afar and Oromia (Ethiopia). More information about the project and the results so far.

More information about Amref Flying Doctors

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