TAUW reports increased profitability and social impact in 2020

TAUW's financial statements show record revenues at the end of the 2020 financial year. In 2020, sales increased with more than 4%, from EUR 138 million in 2019 to EUR 144 million. EBITDA also rose by 16% to almost EUR 10 million.

15 April 2021

Henrike Branderhorst, one of TAUW's two executive board directors: “We are delighted with these figures, which once again prove that making money and embracing social responsibility as a company go hand in hand. In addition to further improving our returns, we have also taken steps to expand our social and environmental contribution during the past year.”

In 2020 TAUW continued to work on strengthening its strategic positioning as a European consulting firm specialising in the natural environment and the physical living environment. After all, social challenges such as climate change, declining biodiversity and sustainable industrial operations transcend national borders and require an integrated European approach. TAUW launched a new slogan at the end of last year: a living ambition.

Record turnover in a more sustainable world

TAUW has achieved excellent results for several consecutive years, and 2020 was no different. Both sales and the number of employees increased. Ralph van Roessel, executive board director at TAUW: “We are immensely proud to have achieved this result in 2020. TAUW aims to create a better, more sustainable world and succeeds in combining this ambition with financial growth. As a result, we can invest even more intensively in people and the environment, taking on many projects that have a demonstrable positive impact. Our project in Northern Italy is an excellent example. TAUW made a feasibility study about the renovation of the heating and air conditioning system in an old railway area for maximum sustainability. The designed system will lead to a saving of 355,700 kilos of CO2, which is equivalent to the emissions of 374 cars or planting 4,446 new trees.”


COVID-19 has accelerated social innovation

Branderhorst looks back on a tumultuous year: “The COVID-19 virus has made us more aware than ever of the importance of our colleagues’ health and well-being. To respond to this challenge, we have channelled extra investment into TAUW's social profile during the past year. For example, we made home office facilities available to many colleagues who wanted to work from home, we offered employees a high degree of flexibility and we have set up inspiring connection initiatives.” The employees of today and tomorrow demand an open, diverse, safe and participative working environment. Van Roessel adds: “This new working environment not only contributes to smooth collaboration with clients and partners, leading to impactful projects, it also represents enormous added value internally. It has helped TAUW to involve a diverse, committed, and skilled group of colleagues when tackling important organisational challenges. For example, urgent decisions on the approach to COVID-19 or consultation to determine our long-term ambition and strategy.”

Our living ambition report

Our TAUW Group annual report shows so much more than our financial performance, it takes you on a journey through our increasing impact on today's and tomorrow's challenges in the living environment. 

Visit our living ambition report



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