Tauw sees strong increase in profits in 2013

The annual returns covering 2013 published today show that profits for Tauw Group rose to EUR 1.6 million (pre-tax). In 2012 the business made a net loss of EUR 3 million. Turnover decreased by 6.7 per cent in 2013 to EUR 106.5 million.

Despite a decrease in turnover in the Netherlands to EUR 78.3 million (2012: 85.4 million), the company made a profit of EUR 1.4 million (pre-tax) in its home country. A profit was also made in Germany, Belgium and Italy, while a loss was made in France and Spain.

Positive feeling

“I feel positive about 2013,” says Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of Tauw Group. “It was a year of change and investment which eventually resulted in a modest profit. An important factor was the confidence shown by the banks in our company and the participation of Wadinko, which acquired 25% of the Tauw Group shares last year. This offers scope for investment, and that is also what we do, in people, in projects, in innovation.”

In 2013 Tauw put the emphasis on improving project management and being customer-oriented. Annemieke Nijhof: “Last year we worked hard to implement the changes and we haven’t finished yet. Project management and putting the customer centre-stage remain major points of special interest in the time to come. In addition we see possibilities for growth, both inside and outside the Netherlands. The fact that we’re confident about this is evident among other things from the takeover of consultancy firms Steam in Italy and Atrivé in the Netherlands, as well as the set-up of a trainee programme that started in March this year with 14 young talents.”

Takeover of Steam and Atrivé

Italian environmental and energy consulting company Steam was acquired in October 2013. Thanks to this acquisition Tauw Italia expands its know-how in the fields of environmental permitting and advanced environmental modelling, and improves its market position in the consultancy for the Italian energy market.

The takeover of Atrivé was confirmed earlier this month. Tauw wants to strengthen its position in urban territorial development and housing corporations in the Netherlands by acquiring the Utrecht engineering consultancy firm. Atrivé (35 employees) is now a full Tauw subsidiary and will carry on as an independent brand with its own portfolio.

Tauw will remain focused on the expansion of foreign activities in the industrial market and improving the returns on activities in France and Spain.

Annual report

You can find the complete Tauw Group annual report at www.tauw.com/annualreport.

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