Two-year Service Agreement extension with Philips

Philips has extended its ‘Master Service Agreement 2014-2015’ with Tauw for another two years. The contract involves a range of consultancy activities in various countries in the field of Environmental Site Assessments, soil surveys and soil remediation, as well as consultancy within the scope of demolition work (decommission survey).

This contract constitutes the continuation of our long-standing working relationship with Philips of more than 15 years. For many years Tauw has carried out projects for Philips in the various Tauw countries (the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium and Spain), and increasingly in Brazil. The new contract also includes other countries such as Poland, India and China.
‘We are pleased with the trust that Philips has placed in our sustainable solutions with regard to the complex environmental portfolio and we see this contract as a fine challenge to demonstrate Tauw at its best’, says Laurent Bakker, international account manager at Tauw.

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