Webinar in collaboration with EDA and Nicole: Liability for soil and groundwater contamination at industrial facilities

Roadmap to a successful closure of industrial sites

28 May 2021

On Wednesday, June 2nd, a webinar on ‘Liability for soil and groundwater contamination at industrial facilities’ is being organized by the European Demolition Association (EDA) in collaboration with Nicole (Network for Industrially Co-ordinated Sustainable Land Management in Europe). This online event takes place in connection to the European Green Week 2021. Two TAUW experts, Gaspar Baleriola (TAUW Iberia) and Mohamed Gharbi (TAUW Germany) will share their knowledge and expertise.

The webinar is aimed at answering practical questions about liabilities arising from soil and groundwater issues at the End of Life (EoL) at industrial facilities. For example: ‘What is environmental liability?’ and ‘How does liabilities concerning soil and groundwater work?’. These are just some of the key questions that will be answered during this webinar. In addition, our TAUW experts give insight into case studies, best practices and lessons learned from previous projects.

About the webinar

  • Date: June 2nd, 2021
  • Time: 15:00 – 16:00 (GMT+2)
  • Location: Online
  • Speakers:
    • Gaspar Baleriola, Senior Remediation Consultant at TAUW Iberia
    • Mohamed Gharbi, Director Site Development at TAUW Germany


Part 1: Presentation

  • What is EDA?
  • What is NICOLE?
  • Why do we do this webinar?

Part 2: End of life at industrial sites

  • What is Environmental Liability?
  • What is the Legal framework for ELD and Soil&Groundwater? Is this for real?
  • Who is paying for all this? Transferring liabilities
  • How does liabilities concerning soil and groundwater work?

Part 3: Case study

Part 4: Questions and comments from participants

Participation and registration

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