Animal manure: from burden to pleasure

Animal manure is a major problem for farmers and the environment, but not for STERCORE. The company will soon be extracting high-quality Bio-Based Carbon (carbon) and green gas, a secondary product from manure, transforming manure from a burden into a valuable raw material.

The carbon from the gasification process is to be used in agriculture and horticulture as a high-quality organic fertilizer and soil improver. Syngas is converted into green gas in a unique and sustainable process. During the entire process, no harmful substances or waste products are released and the environment is guaranteed odour-free.

The first location will be in Emmen (the Netherlands). STERCORE would like to build two more facilities in the Netherlands and one in Egypt. The green gas which is produced can be enhanced as Bio-LNG or supplied to existing networks quite easily there, so households and companies could directly benefit from it. TAUW supported STERCORE in 2019 and 2020 in various parts of the process, including the preparation of an environmental impact study and the the environmental permit. This permit involved sub-studies in the field of emissions, noise, air quality and nitrogen deposition. The installation is future-proof and contributes to closing various cycles and remaining within the existing odour and noise space, without emissions.

"The cooperation with TAUW was very pleasant. The short lines of communication, the expert advice and the proactive approach have ensured that we will soon be producing carbon and green gas from animal manure!"

– Hans Jansen, CEO STERCORE

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