Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp on the way to be the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands

Project information

 February 2018 - present

Country: Netherlands

Client: Joint Operating Company Lutkemeer (GEM Lutkemeer) 


Project description

Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp (phase 2) is set to become the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands. With the goalof being a circular work location, this highly ambitious project aligns seamlessly with TAUW's living ambition, making it a particularly attractive project for us. The client was already familiar with our vision for integrated sustainable urban spatial development and asked TAUW to guide the project through the sustainability ambition, design and realisation process.

Together with MUST Landscape and Urban Planning, TAUW prepared the sustainability vision for the design of the area development of the Business Park. We supervised the construction of the public space and made a substantial contribution to the process of issuing the plots. 

Sustainability has been the guiding principle in the design and area development process. Due to the unique integral approach and the inclusion of a sustainability manager as ‘sustainability conscience’, many new solutions have been found for the construction of this business park that are not only sustainable but also less expensive. The way biodiversity has been incorporated, for example, plays an important part in this, achieving a sophisticated balance between the value of nature, experience and use. The site has been raised with soil from the area, resulting in minimal disturbance to the soil structure. The top fertile soil that is released will not be a waste product but will be used for the orchard. This prevents at least 90,000 tons of primary raw material (sand), tree soil or – even worse – the use of low-grade contaminated fill material. By reusing all the soil that is released, we can easily save an estimated 3,000 tons of CO2. The emission of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from all freight movements will also be greatly reduced, as will the burden on the existing infrastructure and road safety. That this is project is being realized in the deepest polder in Amsterdam is nothing short of revolutionary; a showcase for the Netherlands of the future!

The project also contributes positively to climate adaptation and the energy transition by including naturally-based solutions and circular materials. Additionally, the project includes a so-called care farm which will provide employment opportunities for non-traditional employees who experience difficulties entering the labour market.  The site also supports urban farming through a community orchard.

How did the cooperation with the client go? 

Many partners and authorities have been working together to realise this unique sustainability project.  TAUW and MUST worked closely together as a consortium to develop the Preliminary Design Plan. Additionally, we have cooperated closely  with the project organisation of the GEM Lutkemeer and have initiated a strategic collaboration meeting where we work together with the municipality of Amsterdam, Van Reisssen and partners (Zoning), Beaumont (Environment management and communication). In addition, we work together with Waternet, Recreation Board Spaarnwoude, Tuinen van West, local residents and users. The sustainability manager of TAUW has a central position in the project.

In this project we have been able to secure cooperation at the highest level through the development chain of the project. This is incredibly important for maintaining ambition and for actually achieving it - Hein Veldmaat, Business Leader Sustainable Urban Development TAUW

The results

The project is now in the first steps of the realisation phase. Plots are being issued and park management is being established. Throughout all these stages, TAUW has been providing support for  sustainability and technical themes, ensuring the creation of an area that is an inviting space for people, plants and animals to stay and use.

We want to be one of the most sustainable business parks in the Netherlands”. I’m glad TAUW provides us with the additional knowledge that will take us to that challenging goal. Their sustainability manager has a central role in the whole process and keeps us focused on integrating and achieving all sustainability ambitions” – Pieter van der Horst, director GEM Lutkemeer.


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