Buyer Phase I Environmental and Permitting Due Diligence for VARO Energy

Related themes: Transaction and Responsible Investment Services, Permitting and Energy Transition  

Project information


Client:  VARO Energy Netherlands B.V.

TAUW contact person:

  • Jeanine Helmink



Needs of the client

VARO Energy is aiming to become a leading producer of biogas in Europe. As part of their strategy, the company set out to acquire Bio Energy Coevorden BV (BEC) in the Netherlands. BEC has built a successful state-of-the-art industrial biogas facility. Ultimately, VARO plans to develop the largest biogas manufacturing facility in Northern Europe by 2026. After the expansion, the site will be among the 3 largest biogas facilities in Europe.

TAUW was asked to provide in-depth Environmental and Permitting Due Diligence services on behalf of VARO.

On 12 January 2023, VARO Energy Group (‘VARO’) announced the acquisition of 80% of the shares in BEC in the Netherlands.


Our solution

  • TAUW was involved in the transaction team at an early stage and was asked to provide a broad range of specialist due diligence services to support VARO in evaluating both the acquisition and potential growth scenarios. This involved:
    • Analysis of existing permits and, more importantly, the potential to obtain licenses to expand the various BEC production facilities across locations in the Netherlands and Germany to realise future growth ambitions.
    • Advanced consultancy on in the field of animal and agricultural waste.
    • Traditional environmental due diligence assessment in the Netherlands and Germany.
    • Determination of the carbon footprint (scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions) of the BEC facility.

  • During the due diligence process, TAUW was intensively involved in the exchange of Q&A with multiple stakeholders.

  • The tailor-made approach of combining traditional Phase I environmental and specific permitting due diligence allowed a better assessment of the feasibility of the business case by the client, prior to acquisition of BEC shares.


The results 

TAUW delivered a solid substantiation of environmental conditions to support VARO’s decision to acquire BEC’s share package with the aim of growing into one of Europe’s leading bio-gas producers.

"Our experience with TAUW was excellent. Despite the complexity of our business case, the team provided valuable support across multiple disciplines and countries through a single point of contact. We were impressed by the high level of professionalism and expertise displayed by TAUW's consultants, who worked tirelessly to ensure our success. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future", Fritz Ullrich - Varo Energy


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