Compliance management at Fokker Aerostructures

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2016 – to date

Client:  Fokker Aerostructures Papendrecht

TAUW contact person:

  • Marco Bastiaanssen



Challenge – Keeping track of legislation

Fokker Aerostructures (Papendrecht) specialises in manufacturing empennages, wing components and fuselages for commercial aircraft and business jets. The aviation sector is under increasing pressure to reduce emissions and become more sustainable in their operations. That requires an understanding not only of the relevant legislation but also of the impact on its business operations. And which measures Fokker needs to take now and in the longer term to remain compliant. As compliance legislation is constantly evolving, this is a specialist field which requires constant monitoring.

Solution - Compliance Management Service

TAUW developed a compliance management tool with Pharius to register applicable legislation and monitor amendments. The HSE Compliance Management Service is a dashboard tool for a fair number of clients, but which can be customised to the specific requirements and legislation applicable to each client.

After conducting an on-site survey of the business location, we identified which laws and regulations applied to Fokker. That data is stored in the database where we monitor the amendments. We alert the client to pending amendments and issue targeted advice. We make specific recommendations about the type of measures the client should take, how and when to take them.


Impact  - Early compliance for a cleaner future

Our dashboard tool monitors HSE legislation and helps the client to be compliant at the earliest possible stage. Thanks to our dashboard and proactive consultancy, the client is able to anticipate changes to environmental legislation and develop new technologies to reduce emissions quicker. In this case, by early compliance, Fokker contributes to cleaner aviation faster.

Our dashboard and consultancy allows the client make sound investments to reduce the impact of its production processes. TAUW is able to demonstrate the effect of these measures by conducting tests, such as air emission measurements, wastewater sampling and soil remediation.

Partnership – Pooling specialist knowledge

Our compliance management is an important service that we provide to a wide range of clients across industrial sectors. We pool our specialist knowledge to provide integrated advice with which our clients can make use of sustainable opportunities while meeting their legal and social obligations. We have established mutually satisfactory and long-term partnerships with many companies, mainly in industrial sectors. Our client base continues to grow and diversify.

Michiel Goossens of Fokker Aerostructures in Papendrecht: “TAUW's compliance services ensure that, during a Brzo (Seveso) inspection, Fokker Aerostructures can confidently show how changes in HSE laws and regulations have been implemented. Thanks to its thorough knowledge of our business, TAUW can explain exactly what we need to adjust or improve.”

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