Eindhoven Airport

Since 2014 Tauw has been a partner of Eindhoven Airport for a wide range of services. Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands. The airport is highly dynamic: in 2013 the terminal was expanded and a hotel was built on site. Recently the platform has been expanded with two aircraft parking positions, a project for which Tauw carried out various activities. The aircraft parking positions are also suitable for larger types of aircraft.

‘We were asked to participate in the construction team responsible for the engineering and execution of the aircraft parking positions,’ says project manager Thijs Wessels. ‘Tauw undertook the engineering work for drainage and sewers, applied for soil and ground radar investigations and carried out various permits, in close collaboration with the construction team partners and public authorities such as the municipality of Eindhoven and De Dommel water board.’


Tauw also remained involved during execution, says Thijs Wessels: ‘We checked the construction drawings for drainage and sewers, for example, and the construction calculations for sewer pipes and manholes. In addition, we supported the team with, among other things, investigation and supervision of asbestos remediation. A great multidisciplinary project and an excellent example of Tauw Takes Care.’

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