Groningen will be Climate-proof

In 2020, we drew up a climate adaptation strategy and implementation agenda for the municipality of Groningen (the Netherlands) to create a greener, more attractive and healthier living environment. The implementation agenda describes the measures that Groningen will take in the coming years for a climate-robust design. Tasks have been prioritised with broad stakeholder input and opportunities for working together have been identified. In particular, the plan outlines which actions the municipality will take itself, and where residents, companies, or alliances can take action with the assistance of subsidies or changes in regulations.

TAUW and our subsidiary Syntraal are involved in the design and implementation of various projects in Groningen. Thanks to tools such as Tygron, we can process, analyse and visualise considerable spatial data. Additionally, we can test the effectiveness of a particular design for different situations, and also explore its potential applicability elsewhere. With multifunctional software, we quickly and accurately provide insight into diverse geographic issues and can identify mutual relationships with other variables. TAUW is an integral part of the entire process from strategy and design to implementation, creating more sustainable public places.


“With the pleasant and expert help from TAUW, we now have insight into which measures we need to take in Groningen to be climate proof”

– Martijn Schuit, project manager climate Groningen

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