Improving Biodiversity in Haarlem

By 2030, the Dutch municipality of Haarlem seeks to be a sustainable, climate-neutral city with a high ecological value and a high level biodiversity. Haarlem has been working with an ecological policy plan for several years, in which a vision and objectives have been developed to preserve and improve the ecological values and biodiversity in the city. In order to gain insight into the effects of a number of design and management measures on biodiversity, TAUW ecologists have drawn up a monitoring plan in close collaboration with municipal policy staff. The plan focuses on soil, air and water and is transparent for both the residents of the municipality and the administration.

In the coming years, the biodiversity of Haarlem will be monitored in various ways, sometimes in close collaboration with students or volunteers, for example, when it comes to the inventory of birds and the potential for biodiversity. The insect population will be monitored by experts and TAUW ecologists will be carrying out eco-scans of the water and the city riverbanks starting in the summer of 2021.


“It was great working with TAUW's ecologists, who listened carefully to our aspirations. The monitoring plan gives us a method that will provide a good picture of the status of Haarlem's biodiversity in the coming years. In this way, the municipality can work towards further restoration and enhancement of biodiversity”

– Eline Hin, policy officer Ecology and Green Haarlem.

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