Reconstruction N498-Schaapsweg intersection

Project details

Period: June 2019 - April 2020
Client: Province of Zuid Holland
Involved Tauw consultants:

  • Ewout Vossebeld
  • Sanne de Groot
  • Annet de Bakker
  • Brian Abel
  • Richard Veldkamp
  • Kevin Sakko

What was the assignment?

The province of Zuid-Holland engaged Tauw in the preparatory phase of reconstructing the N498-Schaapsweg intersection. The current intersection will be replaced by a roundabout and the adjacent bus stops designed and constructed in accordance with R-net standards. This will ensure compliance with provincial safety requirements and improved comfort in the use of public transport.

Tasks performed by Tauw:

  • Various (preliminary)analyses, consultation work and coordinating activities
  • Design
  • Permits
  • Contract formation and tendering

Sustainability options
During the Preliminary Design phase, Tauw performed a quick scan of the sustainability options involved in the project. This ultimately resulted in a Sustainable Groundwork, Road and Hydraulic Engineering session (based on the Ambitions Chart) that was conducted between the provincial authorities and the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee and Tauw.

All high-potential sustainability measures were recorded in the ensuing options dossier in consultation with the provincial authorities, in which it was determined that the measures would not only have to be sustainable, but feasible and manageable as well.

Form of contract and tendering
A meeting was subsequently convened to discuss all contracting options with the aforesaid sustainability measures in mind. The assembly of a construction team proved to be the best option, seeing that this allows the contractor to implement the sustainability measures at his own discretion, while enabling the provincial authorities to retain control over the outcome/results. After subsequently gauging the level of interest among the contractors who had previously submitted tenders for the N211 and N470 projects, three contractors were asked to submit their offers. The contract was ultimately awarded to Van Gelder.

How did the collaboration progress?

The provincial authorities asked Tauw to supervise the construction team assembly process. In part as a result of this supervision, the assembly phase progressed smoothly, with all parties expressing enthusiasm about working in a successful construction team. The success of the construction team meant keeping a tight schedule; risk-based and with a management/maintenance representative present at all stages. An atmosphere of trust was created, not just in each other, but in achieving a sustainable result as well. Everyone is proud to be part of a project that will help secure a sustainable future.

What will the result of the project be?

During the preliminary phase (scope of this project), a foundation was laid for the construction of a safe and sustainable roundabout as a replacement of the current intersection. Sustainability results of which everyone involved is very proud:

  • The reconstruction involves the use of sustainable materials and recycled base materials in asphalt and concrete.
  • CO2 emissions during construction will be lower than with traditional building methods.
  • A healthy environment will be created for plants, insects and other animals to live in, among other things by constructing low-maintenance roadsides with an abundance of flowering plants and an insect hotel in the form of an old tram once used in Goeree.
  • The costs of realisation are not significantly higher than they would be without the ambition of sustainability.

The implementation phase of the project begins at the end of April 2020. Tauw will continue to be involved as a consultant and will supervise the project as it is implemented.


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