New building complex Sparkasse Solingen

Project information

2020 - 2022

Country: Germany

Client: Stadt-Sparkasse Solingen


Project description

The Stadt-Sparkasse Solingen (Germany) plans to build its new head office in the city centre of Solingen. With an area of around 5,000 square metres, the new building complex will include consulting and office space for the Stadt-Sparkasse as well as 26 residential units and additional office space for rent and an underground car park with 125 parking spaces. With an investment sum of around 90 million euros, this project is one of the most extensive in the recent history of the city of Solingen. For the planned construction project, it was first necessary to demolish a total of nine existing buildings.

Initially, TAUW was asked to prepare a decommissioning and waste disposal concept for five of the nine existing buildings.

The services included:

  • Inventory and technical investigation including sampling of suspect building material and detailed analysis of the material samples taken.
  • Preparation of a decommissioning and disposal concept.
  • Assistance with the bidding and tendering process.

In the second step, TAUW was commissioned with the extensive remediation monitoring as well as the remediation control of all existing buildings. In addition, TAUW took over the soil management, which included the monitoring of the excavated soil as well as the soil investigations for the waste-technical evaluation of the excavated materials.

How did the cooperation with the client go? 

Several expert units within TAUW were involved in the project (experts for decommissioning and demolition and building contaminants as well as for soil remediation). TAUW was responsible for the technical management of the project and was in close contact with all parties involved in the project: client, construction management, subcontractor (remediation company) as well as official representatives (BezReg Düsseldorf), City of Solingen, BG BAU.

As TAUW was responsible for both the remediation supervision and the soil management in this project, the communication was efficient and well-coordinated with all parties, ensuring that the a work could be carried out in a timely manner, in spite of unforeseeable subsoil conditions. In particular, due to the central inner city location of the construction site, good coordination was essential for infrastructure/traffic planning and waste disposal.

The results

TAUW's work is almost complete and the new construction phase has already begun as planned. With the project, TAUW provided the basis for the new building complex and was able to ensure that the site area was well prepared for the construction phase.

The Sparkassa project will positively contribute to Solingen's inner city development (creation of new residential space, revitalisation of the city centre). Construction of a modern building complex will ensure that ongoing operating costs will be low, making it cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

A development project like this involves a multitude of planning and environmental challenges that need to be taken into account in different planning and construction phases. With our multidisciplinary expertise, we were able to cover many services in this project within our own teams. This not only keeps decision-making and communication channels short, but also makes the entire project management easier for the building owners, who could rely on TAUW as a central point of contact for the entire demolition phase - Mohamed Gharbi, TAUW Business Unit Leader.


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