Project Energy II: an asset to sustainability, Berlin Bridge

Related theme: Transactions and responsible investments 

Project information

2020 (but made public in 2022)

Client:  Asia Pacific Land Europe GmbH

TAUW contact person:

  • Sebastian Katsch



Challenge – Combining technical expertise and certification know-how

The complex consists of four 8-storey buildings, mainly office space let to about 50 tenants. DGNB is a certification system for sustainable real estate and is a new field of consultancy for TAUW Germany. The Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) assessment forming a basis for the certification is highly site-specific. Our consultants needed to understand what was actually there in terms of materials, what was required to obtain a rating under the certification system and then combine the two to develop a roadmap showing the steps to the desired score. That calls for technical expertise and a full understanding of regulatory and certification requirements.

Solutions – Roadmap to certification

TAUW conducted comprehensive and in-depth desk research into the buildings’ historical usage and their current condition and facilities. Elements taken into account include the building materials, heating and ventilation sources, as well as tenant management and infrastructure. Consultants attended a DNGB training course to gain a profound understanding of the certification system. Our consultants worked together with other parties,  inspecting all available documentation. That data was then checked against the minimum regulatory and certification requirements. The result: a comprehensive roadmap with clear steps to achieving a DGNB bronze, silver or gold certification for existing buildings.


Impact – Holistic approach

This project is a fine example of what TAUW stands for – a holistic approach to sustainability and a vital living environment. Instead of individual measures, the system evaluates overall performance on environmental, economic and sociocultural/functional qualities. This project facilitates the transformation to a carbon neutral building complex and a sustainable environment.


Partnership – Value-creation

The client is a real-estate investment company who saw the necessity of improving the building and being in compliance while prioritising value-creation of its asset. TAUW’s diligent approach ensured that the client has a comprehensive picture of the ESG aspects and improvement potential.

Sebastian Katsch (TAUW Germany) says: “This was a lighthouse project, one where TAUW makes a difference - as a beacon for transition and development towards a sustainable future“.


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