(Industrial) site development FrieslandCampina

Project information

Period: 2014 - present

Client: FrieslandCampina

Contact person at TAUW: 

  • Harm Hubbeling

About FrieslandCampina

With divisions in 38 countries and almost 23,000 employees, FrieslandCampina is one of the largest players in the global dairy market. The products of FrieslandCampina can be found in over 100 countries. FrieslandCampina produces and sells consumer products like dairy drinks, infant foods, cheese and desserts in many European countries, as well as in Asia and Africa. Products are also supplied to professional customers, which includes cream and butter products to bakeries and hospitality establishments, while the company also sells ingredients and semi-finished products to producers of infant foods, the foodstuffs industry and the pharmaceutical sector. Besides its central office in Amersfoort, FrieslandCampina’s other divisions in the Netherlands can be found in Bedum, Borculo, Beilen, Gerkesklooster, Leeuwarden, Lochem, Maasdam, Marum, Steenderen, Veghel and Workum.

Project description

TAUW has established a framework contract to support FrieslandCampina in various important areas when developing the locations of FrieslandCampina. This involves performing activities relating to, for example, the environment, construction, safety laws and regulations, and permit-related aspects. The specific activities that TAUW carries out relate to:

  • Compliance (management)
    Using a compliance tool (Pharius) to offer on-site support to SHE (Safety Health Environment) managers, so that compliance-related objectives (monitoring laws and regulations, and carrying out the resulting actions) can be realised. This is done by using TAUW’s compliance management system at the sites of FrieslandCampina in the Netherlands. While it is very important to monitor laws and regulations, the real challenge is to implement them at location level. For example, TAUW has helped to identify development possibilities that take into account new norms concerning nitrogen emissions. Read more about compliance

  • Site development
    Harmonising and integrating expansion and/or modification requirements at FrieslandCampina sites with the available space (incl. applying for permits, supervising the installation of underground infrastructure (cables and pipes), reporting about the required activities (construction, demolition, environment), etc.). TAUW is performing these activities at locations such as Veghel, Gerkesklooster, Workum, Lochem, Steenderen and Balkbrug, and is conducting the required studies and any additional activities (incl. in relation to waste, the soil, flora and fauna, air, noise, energy, water, external safety, zoning plans, environmental impact reports, etc.). Read more about site development

  • Soil
    Advice concerning soil pollution and groundwater pollution: we help to identify risks in the required activities and how they must be addressed, while doing everything to avoid extensive and far-reaching soil remediation. TAUW offers advice about how to deal with pollution, and takes care of the required procedures and coordination with the qualified authority. In one specific case, TAUW also helped FrieslandCampina to earn a large subsidy in relation to historical soil pollution. Read more about soil & groundwater

Cooperation during the project

When performing our activities, we always consider what is important to the customer, namely to safeguard and/or expand production processes at the various locations. Although TAUW assists FrieslandCampina on an independent basis, this sometimes partly takes in close cooperation with other partners of FrieslandCampina.

And our approach is never limited to the framework under which we must operate. Because sustainability and future-readiness are a common theme in all our activities, we can work together to realise our PlanetProof ambitions!


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