Soil Remediation BP Naaldwijk

Project information:

Period: 2019 - 2021

Client: BP Europa SE – BP Nederland

TAUW consultants:

  • Joost Bakx
  • Bert Scheffer
  • Rutger Smeenk
  • Daan van Wieringen
  • Chris Hilgeman

Description of assignment

TAUW executed an on-site soil remediation next to a BP petrol station in Naaldwijk. For this purpose, we hired a principal contractor with whom we agreed a fixed price and an obligatory outcome. The preparatory work required us to formulate a plan of action that was presented for approval to the regulatory body responsible for enforcing the Soil Protection Act (Wet bodembescherming). In addition, a Hazard Identification and Task Risk Assessment (HITRA) was executed to ensure the work could be safely performed in accordance with BP's requirements.

The on-site soil remediation involved the application of injection filters including two rounds of injections of Klozur® CR to reduce the levels of residual contamination (mainly petrol) in the soil and groundwater to below the intervention value. The chemical and biological attenuation of the contaminants was then monitored and environmental experts verified that the required results for both soil and groundwater had been fully achieved.

The key advantage of this on-site method compared to a traditional method (using excavation) is that it caused much less disruption to the surrounding area. No contaminated soil had to be transported by road and no external soil decontamination was required. As no drainage activities had been necessary, there was no risk of instability for the nearby buildings and flood defences. From an environmental point of view, this was certainly the most sustainable solution.



TAUW conducted the work together with contractor NTP. TAUW was responsible for project management while Syntraal, a subsidiary of TAUW, provided on-site supervision and managed the environmental process. NTP was in charge of execution and the environmental verification was conducted by the independent environmental consultants of Ortageo.



TAUW organised and performed the entire process from soil survey to execution. By being fully responsible for the implementation and management of this project at the same time, we were able to provide the contract holder BP with a complete service by means of a Master Service Agreement (MSA). This ensured that the project was carried out to the full satisfaction of the customer.  Furthermore, this process ultimately resulted in an approval letter from the regulatory body responsible for enforcement of the Soil Protection Act. This approval letter confirmed that the remediation project was successfully completed and BP was fully authorised to transfer ownership of the premises adjacent to the petrol station to its future user.

"TAUW were very pleasant to work with – we set the objectives for this project and they worked carefully, meticulously and safely towards them. Solid organisation is essential to ensure the desired results, successful collaboration and optimal team performance. TAUW possesses all of these qualities in abundance."

Rini Vroege, Liability Manager at BP Europa SE – BP Netherlands


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