Syntraal is a subsidiary for organisational issues and acts as a partner and investor in promising start-ups and scale-ups in the field of interim and technological solutions in the living environment. Interim professionals work for governments, industry & SMEs and contractors. As a partner and investor, Syntraal has established companies for rail interim issues, project- and process interim management for large infrastructure projects and in companies with concrete technological solutions in the living environment.

One of those companies is Amfius which is a project developer for the realization of projects in which local (residual) heat is used as a replacement for natural gas. Amfius uses source to heat and cool public facilities such as swimming pools, schools and care complexes. Where it is not feasible or possible for parties to invest themselves in these types of projects, Amfius can support in finding an alternative financing solutions. As TAUW and Syntraal, we believe in this multi-faceted, innovative design.

Seizing opportunities in the energy transition with Amfius

In Wezep (the Netherlands), the De Veldkamp swimming pool is heated with residual heat from the nearby factory of potato producer CêlaVíta. This technique is called riothermie.



Our feasibility study showed that there was a great deal of potential to extract heat from the wastewater of CêlaVíta by means of riothermie. Using that heat it is currently possible to heat the swimming pool without gas. For this, a 650-meter-long sewer pipe had to be constructed. Because there were no interested investment parties, Syntraal and the operator of the swimming pool jointly invested 350,000 euros to supply heat to the swimming pool for the next twenty years. The annual saving amounts to 230,000 m3 of gas, which results in 410 tons less CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 58 households. In 2020 we optimised this technique.

Heat from wastewater is still too often ‘forgotten’, while it has enormous potential and can be used in numerous locations. Syntraal and Amfius have now heated several public facilities in the Netherlands without gas. Our objective is to heat 100 locations via riothermie over the next five years, contributing to a sustainable, natural gas-free society.

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