Techno-economic study of the water consumption reduction solutions and optimisations

Project information

 December 2020 - September 2021

Country: France


Project description 

Local environmental authorities in France have targeted industrial sites that consume more than 50,000 m3 of water per year. To this end, they have imposed a specific decree to find solutions for reducing water consumption. TAUW France has developed a 5-step methodology to identify and characterise possible solutions in terms of costs, advantages, disadvantages, process impact and water reduction. The aim for each targeted site is to propose feasible multi-year and temporary solutions that can be implemented to mitigate both long and short-term water stress periods.

We organised creativity sessions (brainstorming) involving various specialists and encouraged them to think outside the box and find viable solutions for reducing the water consumption of the site.


How did the cooperation with the client go? 

From the client’s site various people and functions were involved. From Process Technologists and the Environmental Manager to the Site Manager, Quality Manager and Energy Manager. Together we came up with feasible solutions with detailed descriptions.

The results

The project has provided the client with a considerable amount of knowledge and concrete tools in the field of water consumption and water use on the industrial site. It has allowed the identification of a reduction potential of more than 15% among good practice, process optimizations and re-use solutions. Decision-making has been facilitated for the client by an detailed characterisation of the identified solutions (impact, conditions, costs, applicability, further research, next steps).

By implementing the technical solutions, this project contributes to the reduction of local water stress (climate mitigation) and the sustainability of industrial activities (climate adaptation). The identified solutions are also applicable to other industries.


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