The future looks green in the city of Eindhoven

Related theme: Sustainable spatial development 

Project information

2022 – 2027

Client:  Municipality of Eindhoven

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  • Leon Valkenburg



Challenge – Integrating climate adaptation in an urban development

Eindhoven municipality has committed to building 40,000 homes in the coming decades. This high-tech city is currently traffic heavy, with an expansive road network and mainly built-up areas. The municipality recognises the need for climate adaptation and aims to create more green spaces. These serve several purposes – parks with trees provide shady areas for residents to cool off in the heat of summer, they accommodate and retain excess rainwater during downpours, help cool off the city and increase the biodiversity in an urban setting. Green spaces make Eindhoven a safer, healthier and more attractive place to live.

Solutions – Cool, green, water

The current river the Dommel is seen as an integral part of the climate adaptation solutions because of its important dual function of nature corridor and water drainage. Revitalising smaller historical brooks also provide a basis to drain water and to recreate a green route meandering through the city.

Wadi system
Another green solution that we propose is the creation of Wadi systems. Wadi is short for Water Drainage and Infiltration and  is a green ditch in an urban area, where rainwater is stored and purified, after which it infiltrates the subsoil.

Cool areas
We also include several cool areas throughout the city, essentially by creating parks with trees that provide shade and shelter. By creating various green cool spots instead of one large park, residents have more options for recreation and for cooling off during hot weather. The green spaces also have a cooling effect on urban environments.



Images of development vision Fellenoord of the municipality of Eindhoven and KCAP

Impact - Advocate for more green spaces

The municipality is considering limiting the amount of traffic in the city so this provided an excellent opportunity. The current six-lane road can be narrowed to make room for cycle paths and green spaces, while retaining traffic access, albeit for fewer vehicles.

With measures to adapt to a rapidly changing climate, the project keeps Eindhoven safe from flooding and creates a healthier living environment. TAUW works with a number of partners including a mobility specialist, an urban design firm and an energy transition firm and jointly developed the requested urban development perspective.

The added value of green spaces and water features can be difficult to monetise. And so, our greatest challenge is working to keep a green perspective when all parties are vying for space, particularly in the inner city where land prices are high. TAUW is instrumental in making sure the climate adaptation measures are defined and acknowledged by all parties and not included as an afterthought.


Partnership – Adding value

TAUW works with various partners stakeholders with different objectives and perspectives. Together we study and debate the options – sometimes vigorously – but everyone involved recognises the added value of the other parties.

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