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The EU Taxonomy is at the heart of the EU’s action plan on sustainable finance. In essence, it is a list of economic activities that can be considered (environmentally) sustainable when fulfilling certain criteria. With introducing the taxonomy, the EU hopes to reorient capital flows towards a more sustainable economy, ultimately supporting the objectives of the EU Green Deal. Starting in 2021, investors and other financial market participants (FMPs) will need to provide disclosure according to the taxonomy.

  • How does the taxonomy work in practice - who has to do what?
  • What needs to be disclosed in what timeframe, and when should investors start preparing?
  • What are first experiences and lessons learnt by practitioners in applying the taxonomy?
  • What does the implementation mean for existing ESG and RI practices and systems?
  • What are the EU’s future plans for the further development of the taxonomy?

We will discuss these questions and more during this upcoming webinar. Come join us and learn more about the EU Taxonomy in order to ensure that your activities around ESG, Sustainability, and Responsible Investment are future proof. After the presentation, there will be time to discuss your questions during the Q&A session.

Speakers and duration

The webinar will be hosted by our colleagues Johannes Spaleck (Tauw Germany) and Julian Stempher (Tauw Netherlands), both consultants on Sustainability and Responsible Investment, and moderated by Micha van den Boogerd, project manager (Tauw Netherlands). Following the presentation, Marc Göbbels (Director Transaction & Responsible Investment Services, Tauw Group) will join the panel for the Q&A session.

The total duration of the webinar, including the Q&A session, is 45 minutes.

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Event information

29 October 2020, 12:00h

Online (webinar)

Extra information
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Note: This webinar is suited in particular for alternative investment firms (e.g. private equity, venture capital, real estate, etc.) as well as other types of investors and FMPs. It is further suited for all parties interested in the EU Taxonomy and its workings, such as industrial companies (and other private sector firms), law firms involved in investments and transactions, or others.

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