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Since a long time ago, mercury has been used in a large variety of industrial production activities, mining, and in different types of instruments. Nowadays, we are confronted with the adverse effects of the use of mercury. The Minamata Convention on Mercury provides the basis to deal with this complex and challenging issue.

This webinar offers an opportunity to share relevant project experiences on contaminated site management with a special focus on the ASGM sites. The main goal of this event is to help each other implement the best sustainable and innovative solutions managing mercury contaminated industrial sites.


The following organizations will also participate and present during the webinar:

  • IPEN (International Pollutants Elimination Network), a global network involved in the BAT/BEP guidelines of the Minamata Convention;
  • Nexus3 Foundation, a foundation focusing on solving the problems around the ASGM sites in Indonesia;
  • Medusa Explorations, an organization surveying mercury contaminated sites using innovative techniques;
  • International experiences from Spanish organizations: CIEMAT, MAYASA and UNIOVI will share their knowledge and experience on mercury contaminated site management, the treatment of mercury contaminated soil and waste, thereby focusing on the lessons learned in this context.



Event information

June 14th 2021, 16:00 - 18:00 (GMT+2)

Online via Microsoft TEAMS 


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Enrico Coggiola