About the webinar

Since a long time ago, Mercury has been used by the industry for a large variety of industrial production activities, including in the production of Chlor using Chlor Alkali technology.

Nowadays, with the implementation of the ‘Minamata Convention on Mercury’ and increasing demands for sustainability and environmental performance excellence, many industrial companies have to deal with complex and challenging environmental liabilities and manage risks at their sites.

This webinar offers the industry, our TAUW experts and partners an opportunity to share relevant project experiences on contaminated site management. The goal is to help each other implementing the best sustainable and innovative solutions managing mercury contaminated industrial sites.

Euro Chlor, the Chlor producing sector of Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council), will also contribute and share their valuable insights and vision about the Chlor Alkali industry experience.


Event information

May 27th 2021, 14:30 - 17:00 (GMT+2)

Online via Microsoft Teams 


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Enrico Coggiola