Opportunities through sustainable remediation

Sustainable soil remediation can offer (industrial) organizations and site owners many benefits, as it can be more cost-effective, can have less damaging effects on biodiversity and have less impact on the carbon footprint. We can say there is a momentum to change the way we are dealing with soil and groundwater related issues.

TAUW has taken a leading role in this shift towards a more holistic approach to soil remediation. We are therefore looking forward to having you take part in our upcoming webinar regarding ‘Sustainability in soil & groundwater remediation’.


Through practical experiences, our TAUW experts will present information on:

  • current evaluation tools
  • added value of sustainability in soil and groundwater remediation
  • connection to climate change & impact on biodiversity

Given the importance of authorities in the discussion and possibilities of implementing sustainable remediations, a speaker from a regional environmental administration (Nick Bruneel, Project Coordinator at the department Soil Management of OVAM, Flanders) will present how authorities can approach this evolution. OVAM is recognized as a front runner on sustainable waste and materials policy, soil management and transition to a circular economy. 

Furthermore, there will be presentations on EU Soil Regulatory (chair of Regulatory Working Group NICOLE - Program Director at TAUW) and 3 pitches on projects that are practical and distinctive on sustainability indicators within soil and groundwater services.

Event information

24 January 2023, 1:30-3.00 PM

Online (webinar)


This webinar has already taken place; you can no longer register for this event.