Having a constant focus on digital innovation and development poses a big challenge to many organizations. Digitization requires specific knowledge and skills. It truly is a different way of working and demands an approach that is swift, structured and focused on cooperation. We can help with this. From the first idea to its implementation. We have founded the TAUW Open Innovation Hub, convinced that the most valuable digital innovations arise from a flexible and open innovation process. The basic ingredients for a successful process are constant cooperation, inspiration and innovation.

Join forces

We work with methods such as Design Sprints and Lean Startup. This helps with targeted experimentation, validation and rapid development. This provides focus and contributes to the quality and applicability of the solutions. Furthermore, our open innovation process offers plenty of room for joint ownership and shared benefit of these innovative solutions. In the TOIH, we join forces with each other and use each other’s network. We work out efficient solutions and ideas into specific plans at unparalleled speed.

Connect, innovate and experiment

The TOIH is the environment to connect, innovate, and experiment:

  • Connecting organizations and individuals in an inspiring and challenging environment, aimed at cooperation and co-creation;
  • Innovating in short, result-oriented steps – from innovative idea to scalable and implementable solutions;
  • Experimenting in an approachable and inviting environment with digital building blocks such as applications, data sets and technologies.


Innovation themes

We employ today’s and tomorrow’s digital possibilities to contribute to a vital living environment, especially in terms of soil, water and ecosystems. In our TOIH, we and our partners get a better grip on the increasing potential of digital technologies and trends. This leads to more conscious choices and solutions that have the biggest contribution to our common durable and digital ambitions.

Digital front lines 

We train the next generation of field staff to make optimum use of the digital tools. We use our digital front lines to try out the newest methods and techniques. Sometimes, we test them ourselves, while at other times we test them with the client. Occasionally, we test them together. This is how we automate our research and inspection activities, adopt innovative measuring and monitoring techniques and equip our field staff with smart software and hardware, such as the ExoSkelet. Our activities and systems are increasingly better connected to our clients’. As a result, we have excellent control over our joint digital transformation.

Digital (environment) data chain

We standardize data exchange and organize system integration with a wide range of chain partners. We focus on organizations that operate in soil, water and ecosystems. We contribute adaptively to a future-proof data supply chain by:

  • developing straightforward dashboards with own interpretation possibilities;
  • adopting open-source data-exchange formats;
  • seamlessly gearing digital systems and data streams to each other;
  • working on a Digital Twin of our basis; using Artificial Intelligence to automatically create valuable knowledge from Big Data.


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